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Between the impossibly juicy thick cut brisket, creamy mac & cheese, and decadent desserts served in mason jars, it’s easy to see why the Red-Eyed Pig is a Fooda favorite in the Boston lunch scene. Since 2011, this West Roxbury barbeque joint has been a smashing success with foodies looking to shake up their take-out routines. We did a bit of digging to get the scoop on what makes the Red-Eyed Pig a citywide gastronomic destination.

How did the Red-Eyed Pig get its start? 

Jim Casey was laser focused on seafood as the owner and chef of the Blue-Eyed Crab in Plymouth. But when he started thinking about opening a new restaurant closer to home in West Roxbury, his mind went straight to barbeque. In late 2011, Jim and his wife Heather opened the Red-Eyed Pig in a tiny storefront on Center St., offering take-out and a few dine-in seats with a view of the kitchen. The Red-Eyed Pig is now owned and operated by Juan and Julie Ortiz.

What is your best-selling dish?

The pulled pork is always a hit. It has a nice smoky flavor and a touch of sweetness from the fruit used to smoke it. Uncle Jim’s Smoky Fried Chicken is also really popular. The chicken is smoked for four hours, then battered, fried, and drizzled with Red-Eyed gravy.

Where do you find inspiration for the menu?

The weekend pig pickin’ barbeque events were always popular at the Blue-Eyed Crab. Jim saw this as an opportunity to bring barbeque to a neighborhood hungry for down home, southern style cooking.

What makes the Red-Eyed Pig stand out from other BBQ restaurants?

All you have to do is take a quick glance at the menu to know the Red-Eyed Pig isn’t your standard barbeque joint. While you’ll find traditional barbeque meats on the menu, like St. Louis ribs and tender beef brisket, Jim took a creative approach to the appetizers. Green chili and pork belly doughnuts with garlic aioli, hush puppies served with orange maple-bacon butter, and enormous jalapeno poppers are just a few ways to kick off what’s sure to be a memorable meal.

There you have it – Boston foodies voted the Red-Eyed Pig the Best BBQ Lunch in Boston. The next time you’re craving smoked chicken that’s battered, fried, and slathered with gravy, look no further than this West Roxbury gem.