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Bone Daddy's Fooda

When it comes to mouthwatering barbeque, nobody does it better than Bone Daddy’s House of Smoke. Since opening in Dallas in 2000, owner and chef Mike Leatherwood has brought his famous smoked meats, scratch sides, handcrafted cocktails, and cold beer to multiple locations throughout Texas. We caught up with Laci at Bone Daddy’s in Dallas to find out how this barbeque restaurant is transforming classic American cuisine.

What’s the story behind Bone Daddy’s? When did you open?

Mike Leatherwood first opened Bone Daddy’s in Dallas in 2000. Since then we’ve expanded to additional locations in Arlington, Grapevine, Plano, Denton, Austin, Willowbrook, and Lubbock. We’re all about serving killer barbeque and ice-cold beer with friendly service. We want to provide an experience our customers can’t get anywhere else.

What would you say is your best-selling dish?

Our customers absolutely love the brisket. It’s juicy, tender, and smoked to perfection.

What’s your personal favorite dish?

My favorite is our burger. It has a double patty and is topped with barbeque sauce, cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles.

What inspires the menu creations at Bone Daddy’s?

The Bone Daddy’s menu is loaded with original Texas smokehouse barbeque while staying true to the classics. The chef, Mike Leatherwood, has long process of testing menu items before he rolls them out.

Why do you think Fooda consumers voted you best lunch in Dallas?

When we started with Fooda I took over the pop-ups and developed a strong team that’s quick and efficient. The food is always warm and we serve it up fast.

What food trends are you seeing in Dallas, if any?

I’m seeing a lot of barbeque and quick service restaurants open up. People only have so long to eat lunch, so they’re looking for food that’s both tasty and quick.

Fooda consumers voted Bone Daddy’s the best lunch in Dallas. Known for its mouthwatering meats, cold beer, and friendly waitstaff, this barbeque restaurant is a Texas staple for finger lickin’ good food. Stop by for happy hour to try their new handcrafted cocktails featuring Ole’ Smoky Moonshine!