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What’s warm, gooey, stuffed with cheese, and smothered in enchilada sauce? The best lunch in San Jose, of course. Bravo! House of Enchiladas is the first restaurant of its kind to specialize in everyone’s favorite Mexican dish. We chatted with Bravo! House of Enchiladas owner, David, to get the scoop on what inspires the menu creations at this unique eatery and some exciting plans for the future.

What’s the story behind Bravo! House of Enchiladas? When did you open?

I would always crave enchiladas at Mexican restaurants but couldn’t find any I liked. I had an idea to open a restaurant that specialized in enchiladas and told my family about it. It took about a year to get it going and we opened in September 2012.

What would you say is your best-selling dish?

Our best-selling dish is the Bravo #1, which includes three enchiladas. Most people order it stuffed with chicken and smothered in red sauce. All of our enchiladas are topped with corn, cilantro, and queso fresco. Customers really like our shrimp ceviche as well.

What’s your personal favorite dish?

I personally love the shrimp ceviche. The green enchiladas are awesome, too.

What inspires the menu creations at Bravo! House of Enchiladas?

My mom used to make us enchiladas as kids. My family is from Sinaloa, Mexico and the recipes for the fillings, sauces, and toppings were passed down from my grandma to my mom, who taught me how to cook.  

Why do you think Fooda consumers voted you best lunch in San Jose?

I think it’s the overall the experience when they check us out – it’s fun. We have music, we’re consistent with service, we know our customers by name, and we know what they like.

What food trends are you seeing in San Jose, if any?

The food business is really changing in San Jose. Restaurants are stepping up their game to see how fast they can serve their customers. People on their lunch hour want food under $10 and they want it as fast and fresh as possible. I’m also seeing a lot more Mexican and sushi restaurants.

Do you have any exciting plans for Bravo! House of Enchiladas in the near future?

We’re working on a new menu and possibly adding few dishes at Fooda events. We want Fooda customers to be the first to try our new menu items because we get great feedback from them. We’re also thinking about opening new location next year.

Fooda consumers voted Bravo! House of Enchiladas the best lunch in San Jose. The next time you’re craving authentic Mexican food served with a smile, line up for a heaping plate of mouthwatering enchiladas from the folks who do it best.