Fooda's Technology Team Build Moonshots During Hack Week

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Fooda is revolutionizing the way workers eat lunch at the office. So, needless to say, we like to break the mold. We think that when people are given a certain amount of freedom, they can produce their most ground-breaking work.That’s why we brought Hack Week back to our company.

For five days, our engineering teams worked in small groups to focus on any projects they wanted. The projects are generally cool ideas they thought up during a commute, walking the dog, doing the dishes…you get the idea. They don’t come from the top brass, they’re moonshots from dreamers who usually have other priorities. But during Hack Week, these dreams become priority number one.

Last week, our engineers moved calls, cancelled meetings, and forewent standups to clear their schedules. Their 40 hours of work were to be wholly dedicated to their Hack Week creations.

time is a flat circle

It paid off. As always, the Fooda tech team delivered a variety of incredible products and tools that would surely delight our customers and partners. And in true Fooda form, we wanted to add an element of competition. Our engineers took turns presenting and demoing their creations while the rest of Fooda considered what was built so they could vote on their favorites. Here are the winning projects…

Fooda Restaurant Portal

Chosen by panel of judges, this project gives Fooda’s restaurant partners a dashboard with access to all Fooda-related information and data they could ever need. Whether it’s financial information, site directions, prep numbers – whatever, it’s all here. Easily accessible on your computer or mobile device.

Restaurant Portal - Hack Week project

Popups Near Me

Chosen by popular vote, this app addon uses the Apple Map API to show you the nearest Fooda Popups. That way, if your office doesn’t have Fooda Popups yet, you can find the closest building that does. Tapping the pin also offers additional information, like the Popup’s menu. Does it get any more convenient than that?

Popups Around Me - Hack Week project

Will Fooda roll these projects out for everyone to use? Definitely, maybe.

Since they were built in a week, they haven’t been thoroughly tested for mass-market usage. And as mentioned earlier, the tech team does have a long list of higher priorities. With that said, there’s a good chances these projects (and more!) will be perfected and rolled out eventually.