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Fooda launched in DC last week!

Get excited, because local favorite restaurants like Seoul Spice, People’s Bao, and The Spice Route are popping up in workspaces near you. We partner with authentic restaurants that offer a variety of great lunch options every day, and our approach in DC is no different. See why 80% of employees consider Fooda one of their favorite workplace perks.

DC is a city full of extremely busy professionals who need lunch to be quick and convenient. Not to mention, it gets really hot here, so it’s nice to stay inside whenever possible. Enter Fooda, which can help on both of those fronts, because we bring restaurants to workplaces so employees can buy lunch right onsite.

Are you lucky enough to have Fooda where you work? Find out what’s for lunch here. If you don’t have Fooda yet, but you’re interested, let us know if you think your workplace is a fit.

Without further ado, we shall take the following Oath:

Fooda does solemnly swear that we will faithfully execute the office lunch revolution, and will to the best of our Ability, preserve, protect and defend the connection between people, restaurants, and their food.

See you in DC!