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Fooda’s 2 Millionth Meal…And Counting!

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Fooda’s 2 Millionth Meal…And Counting!

This January, while some people were jumpstarting their resolutions and eating through their holiday leftovers, Foodizens across the country were filling up and taking Fooda to its 2 millionth meal sold. While leftovers are great, nothing beats a made-to-order meal from a favorite restaurant.

It took three years for the first million Fooda meals to be scarfed, which we celebrated in January 2014. Since then, Fooda fired up our expansion and took our talents nationwide. We are now popping up (literally) in Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York City, and Suburban Chicago. And, of course, we’re still servin’ treats and coordinatin’ eats in our hometown of Chicago. In making these moves, it only took us a year to hit our second million meals, and we’re expecting to serve meal number three million in summer 2015.

For those who haven’t gotten a taste, Fooda brings fantastic restaurants into the offices (and bellies) of our customers across the country through three different products. Fooda Popups are dominating lunchrooms and vanquishing hunger on a daily basis, with restaurants setting up shop right in your office to serve made-to-order lunches. For companies that pick up the food tab, Fooda Catering manages everything from comprehensive company food programs for employees to awesome spreads for weekly group meetings. In Chicago, Fooda Select makes lunch so easy, all you have to do is chew. Customers order online from 7 rotating daily restaurants and get their lunch delivered right to their suite. With three great options like these, it’s no wonder that our customers are eating us up and relying on Fooda for their daily lunch needs.

With all of our programs picking up speed week over week and month over month, 2015 looks like another chart-topping year for Fooda. We are always looking for talented, hungry foodies to join our team, so check out if you’re interested in applying!

We owe much of the success to our amazing restaurant partners, whose passion and food artistry is the lifeblood of the Fooda programs. And finally, thank you to our nation of hungry Foodizens for another year and another million, and cheers to a fruitful 2015!

– Written by Caitlyn Kalscheur