How Wayfair’s Growing Workforce Enjoys Authentic Local Restaurants at Work
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How Wayfair’s Growing Workforce Enjoys Authentic Local Restaurants at Work

Wayfair, a publicly traded e-commerce company, is growing fast. The homegoods company added nearly 2,000 employees in the first half of 2018. Total headcount is about 10,000 employees across the United States and Europe, with the majority sitting at its headquarters in Boston.

Restaurants at Work

When a company is scaling as quickly as Wayfair, it’s the workplace services team that makes the growth possible. From setting up new desks to managing company events, they keep everything running like clockwork while maintain the company’s sense of community.

“What’s the first impression when you’re walking in to Wayfair? How does it feel when you’re checking out? That’s what we’re always thinking about. We’re fostering a good environment that is productive, healthy and inclusive.” – Tania Vieira, Community Experience Manager, Wayfair

Food is a major factor in creating a place where professionals want to work. Wayfair wanted a convenient, onsite lunch option for its employees so they wouldn’t have to leave the office during the busy lunch rush. They tried a number of programs, but none could keep up with the demand of a company adding hundreds of new employees every month.

Wayfair’s solution: Restaurants at Work—different Popup restaurants set up throughout Wayfair’s headquarters so employees can buy fresh, authentic lunch every day.

Why Wayfair loves Fooda

Restaurants at Work

  1. Lunch is served hot and fresh by restaurant employees – Wayfair offers an onsite lunch solution without the expense of building and staffing a cafeteria
  2. The solution scales. If Wayfair’s headcount grows by 1,000 employees in a quarter, they can easily add another Popup to accommodate
  3. Employees save about 30 minutes per day when they buy lunch at Fooda Popup rather than leaving the building for lunch
  4. Employees talk about what’s for lunch, and they eat together in the office – strengthening the community feel at the growing company

Wayfair Case Study

Key takeaways include:

  • Fooda helps Wayfair feed hundreds of employees by setting up 3 Popup restaurants in the company’s Boston-based HQ
  • Restaurants at work is a solution that grows with any business, adding a Popup is a snap
  • Wayfair is expanding to even more office space in Boston, and they’re bring Fooda with them