More Local Than Local

Businesses & Organizations

Fooda knows how important it is to make your business successful, and that means going beyond the basic corporate benefits and incentives. Creating new ideas for your workplace can significantly boost employee morale and make a meaningful difference to your business’ bottom line. Fooda can help you do that without adding significant costs to your budget. Fooda helps you foster a happy and productive staff by providing them with a unique food service amenity.

We’ve established a comprehensive network of restaurants - that are first tested by us - who bring great food selections and specials right to your office. We listen to your employees and work with restaurants that offer a wide variety of dishes and cuisine. Our promise is good food fast, not fast food.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Companies/employees register for Fooda updates via email and tell us their eating preferences
  2. Fooda coordinates a schedule of restaurants to visit your company
  3. Restaurants set up food stations in your office cafeteria, lobby or meeting room
  4. Your staff can pop in, order food and pay for their own meal right then and there

Benefits to Your Business:

  1. Fooda is a unique amenity for your employees – its fun, convenient, delicious and encourages staff interaction
  2. Fooda encourages improved staff productivity
  3. Fooda is a cost effective service - we do the heavy lifting of scheduling, ensuring quality meals and marketing the events to your employees
  4. Staff enjoys a great variety of delicious food at little or no cost to the company