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A Simple Way For Employers To Provide Their Employees With A Perk They Will Love

Benefits of using Fooda

Recruit and retain the best talent
Great companies are known for offering perks that help recruit and retain the best talent. Employees everywhere love local restaurant brands and will value having access to them at work.

Employee engagement
A happy and engaged team is critical to every company's success. However you build culture, Fooda can provide great food to make it a success.

Fooda gives employees more time at lunch, for enjoying a meal with co-workers or catching up on a work project. You'll notice an immediate productivity increase and employees will appreciate having more control over how they spend their lunch break.

Program Features

A fully managed program with one point of contact

  • Option for company to subsidize employee meals

  • Accommodate dietary preferences

  • Consolidated billing

How It Works


We work with you to select the Best Fitting Program for your Company

Whether you are looking for a daily, weekly, or occasional food service, we have something to fit your needs

  • Delivery

    for 10+ employees

  • Popup

    for 400+ employees

  • Catering

    for 10+ employees

Here's what our customers have to say

“Fooda is not only part of our amenity offering to our employees, they are an integral part of our operation...reducing hundreds of thousands of dollars from our operating budget.”— Stephen MonacoHead of Global Real Estate & Workplace Services at Motorola Mobility, LLC
“Echo has used Fooda's Popup service for over three years and it continues to be one of our employees' favorite perks”— Kyle SauersChief Financial Officer at Echo Global Logistics

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