Are You Ready to be Rewarded?

You, the Fooda fans, have spoken. You've always said said the Fooda Popup feature you want most is a loyalty program. We have good news for you, Fooda Rewards is here!

You'll earn points each time you stop for lunch at a Fooda Popup location. Then you can redeem those points for free food at any Popup you choose - no matter which restaurant is hosting that day.

Launching in Boston & Dallas January 2018

Become a Fooda Rewards Member

Signing up for Fooda Rewards is a breeze - here's how is works:

  1. Already have the Fooda app? Enroll in Rewards by adding your phone number to your profile.

  2. Provide your phone number the next time you're paying for lunch at a Fooda Popup

  3. Use the same credit card each visit and you'll automatically earn Reward points on each visit - no need to provide your phone number again.

  • Download on the App Store            Get it on Google Play

Here's How You Rack Up the Points

It's a pretty simple formula, for every dollar you spend on lunch, you will get two Fooda rewards points*. Use your Fooda mobile app to to convert the points you earn into a coupon.

*points earned exclude sales tax and discounts

Ready to Redeem?

Once you've converted your points to a coupon, you can use that coupon at any Fooda Popup. Did you earn the points at Sushi in San Jose but want to spend them on BBQ in Nashville? No problem. Pick up your brisket and show your coupon at the difference after the value of your coupon is deducted. Or, if you have enough points saved up, your lunch will be covered!

Sign Up Today to Start Earning Rewards!