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See How Fooda Puts Magic into Cafeterias

Fooda is the change that the whole industry has been waiting for

It's time. And you probably already know that. Led by a team of seasoned experts from the major food services companies, Fooda is revolutionizing the industry.

Our vision is based on simple principles: involving the local community, transparency, innovation, and making everyday dining an exhilarating experience.

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Passion for Local Food

Local First with Fooda

While any provider can offer a guest restaurant station, only Fooda offers 100% authentic food prepared and served exclusively from local restaurants. Those are real dollars back into your community.

Fooda brings the passion of exceptional local cuisine directly into your workplace

Bring the passion back to the kitchen with Fooda. We are your ultimate solution for versatile, authentic, and efficient restaurant-powered dining experiences. We've reimagined cafeteria services by partnering with a diverse network of local restaurants, bringing their quality food straight to your workplace.

We leverage advanced technology to provide an extraordinary array of food choices, shredding predictable national menus in favor of hyperlocal, customizable culinary experiences.

Unlock a world of variety and authenticity that your employees crave

Fooda partners with the best local restaurants and chefs to bring consumers a highly diverse mix of cuisines. With a constant stream of visiting restaurants, Fooda never gets boring. Each menu is curated and taste-tested, and all of our restaurants have positive ratings.

Agile Programming

Redefining traditional labor models to better fit the evolving hybrid workplace

With Fooda, you can eliminate unwieldy corporate cafeteria models and unpredictable fees. We invite you to join us in revolutionizing your workplace dining experience with a service that's efficient, professional, and refreshingly innovative.

Real Time Rapid Adjustments = Customization and Efficiency

Fooda brings you a cafeteria experience like no other, where adaptability and efficiency take center stage. Gone are the days of rigid schedules and wasted resources. With Fooda, your cafeteria becomes a living, dynamic entity that seamlessly adjusts to your ever-changing needs. Whether it's a bustling Wednesday or a mellow Friday, our services evolve in real-time.

We work with local restaurants, curating a diverse culinary lineup that matches the unique demands that each day brings. This agile approach significantly reduces waste and cuts costs typically associated with traditional corporate kitchens.

Transparent Costs

Rethinking Corporate Food Costs

A Transparent Comparison Between Fooda and Traditional Cafeterias

Fooda offers an approach to corporate dining that's centered around transparency and value. Unlike traditional cafeteria services, which often carry hidden costs like technology hardware or development fees, labor costs, and food purchasing, Fooda operates on a clear and honest model.

Fees & Expenses

Traditional Cafeteria Company


Technology Hardware Fee

Many face charges for POS equipment, often being outdated upon installation.

Fooda's in-house tech approach eliminates mark-ups, ensuring clients aren't charged for hardware.

Technology Development Fee

Costs can arise when updating technology or through monthly service charges.

Fooda views technology as our core. Ongoing development costs are borne by us, passing software savings onto clients.

Labor Costs

The traditional model is labor-intensive, with high costs, including taxes and fringe benefits on employees.

Fooda partners with local restaurants and operates on daily expected sales. We don't pass these labor costs to clients, resulting in flexibility and savings.

Food Purchasing

Traditional companies might not share the rebates they get from bulk purchasers with clients.

Fooda prioritizes supporting local eateries. Your spending boosts the local restaurant community, enhancing local economic health.


Clients traditionally cover all costs, from food and labor to paper products, amplifying the cafeteria company's profits.

Fooda is transparent about subsidy use – they directly reduce the price of meals, creating a transparent and tangible benefit for employees.

Our earnings are tied to actual meals sold, not additional fees. We pass on any savings directly to our clients and the local restaurant community serving your team. Our tech-forward approach enables us to minimize overhead and deliver services efficiently, with the savings benefitting your employees.

At Fooda, our core principle is to create value for you and your employees, not to drive profits from extraneous fees.

Onsite Catering

Fooda's dedicated onsite catering managers assist in all event planning needs

Your Onsite Catering Manager Gets to Know Your Teams Well

Catering Managers work with you, curating meals for meetings and events. The onsite kitchen and your favorite Fooda restaurant partners are utilized to bring you authentic food that is customized to everyone's preferences.

Events are fully serviced by our professional team. All billing and reporting is centralized.


Straightforward Subsidies

Fooda is redefining subsidies to make them straightforward, uncomplicated, and cost per use based

Subsidies are important beyond food incentives, they boost attendance, retention, recruitment, and foster shared meal moments, enhancing overall engagement. So why do most operators make subsidies so complicated?

At Fooda, we believe subsidies should be straightforward. Our cost-per-use model enures simplicity and cost-effectiveness for employers.

Subsidy Redemption: Seamless & Intuitive

For employees, tapping into their subsidies is uncomplicated. A QR code in the Fooda app becomes a passport to subsidized meals. For mobile orders, the subsidy process is fully automated, ensuring smooth transactions.

Subsidies at Your Cafeteria Impact the Local Economy

Supporting local restaurants is more than just a trend; it's a heartfelt movement recognizing the challenges they face. By channeling your cafeteria subsidies to local business, you're not just helping your employees but also rejuvenating your community's restaurant scene, making a significant socia-economic impact. That's a major contrast to the traditional model, where subsidies are sent to corporate headquarters.

Consumer Communication

Fooda's Consumer Communication

Employees can anticipate meals from their favorite restaurants, with a week's advance schedule available in the app or through opt-in emails.

Daily and Week Ahead emails

Knowing what is coming for lunch in the week ahead allows employees to plan their meals in advance, and daily emails remind them to order ahead or get excited about their meal.

In App Promotions

The Fooda app also includes a robust rewards program and the ability to offer coupons. What's a more appetizing reason to check your phone?


Unlike our Competitors, Fooda doesn't buy our Tech. We Build It.

Proprietary software powers our business. Legacy food service providers cobble together off the shelf systems.

Harnessing a labor efficient and asset light tech stack, Fooda creates an awesome consumer experience that's affordable and streamlined. Participation rates are natually elevated by consumer-driven scheduling. The result is an elevated experience for consumers, clients, and our restaurant partners.

Streamlined Pre-ordering and Feedback Collection

Employees, amidst their busy schedules, can easily pre-order and customize their meals. Once ready, they're promptly notified, finding their orders neatly packaged and labeled upon collection. Post-meal they're invited to share feedback, ensuring restaurants and organizers continually refine and improve the dining experience.

Simplifed Check Out: Built by Fooda

Buying in real-time is as effortless as pre-ordering. Whether one opts for a specialty dish from one restaurant, a salad from another, and a drink from a grab-and-go counter, the checkout process remains simple and efficient, thanks to Fooda's integrated self-service kiosk.

Fooda Point of Sale is our Horsepower

How does Fooda execute so flawlessly? The answer is in our proprietary POS – the tech center of gravity for our business. It packs robust functionality into a lightweight app that runs on any handheld iOS device.

The value of POS starts well before an event and extends well beyond its completion.

POS is our high octane engine, fueling our restaurant partners on the backend, so consumers and clients can experience flawless execution on the front end.

Here's a peek under the hood: With Fooda POS, restaurants can preview schedules, site locations, and prep details ahead of the event. During the event orders are placed in person or via mobile, employer subsidies are confirmed via QR codes and deducted from bills, and consumers accumulate and redeem rewards. New users can even register for the Rewards program directly through the system. Post-event, the captured data guides Fooda in optimizing schedules and menus, helping restaurants refine their preparations.

Data-Driven Meal Planning

Our experience has shown that people's wallets are the best indicators of their preferences. And Fooda is more valuable to your organization when more of your employees use it. Which is why our data team is using AI to analyze millions of previous orders to predict what your employees will want for lunch on any given day of the week.

Embracing Culinary Diversity

We champion the notion that mealtime variety rejuvenates workplace morale. Our platform is committed to introducing a diverse culinary palette each week, adding variety to the daily routine.

Adaptive Food Scheduling

Leveraging insights from employees' purchasing behaviors, our smart scheduling ensures beloved restaurants frequent your workplace. It's a dual victory: employees relish their favorite meals, and our partnered restaurants thrive by catering to an enthusiastic clientele.

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