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1. How do I sign up for Fooda?

You can sign up for Fooda by downloading our mobile app or by using our website. Fill in some basic information, search for your address or company, and you should be good to go!

2. How do I add or switch locations?

Simply log in to your account either on the web or by downloading the Fooda iOS or Android app, and select the Locations option from the menu (on the web, first navigate to your profile and then select Locations).

3. What happens to my account if I change jobs?

You can continue using your Fooda account if you switch jobs, so there’s no need to create a new account. Just update your old email address with your new email address.

4. How do I update my email address?

You can update your email address in the profile section of your account using the website or mobile app.

5. How do I close my account with Fooda?

To close your account, you can log into your Fooda account on the website and request to delete your account from your profile account settings.

6. How do I get daily menu emails?

You can create an account with Fooda and look up your company’s address. When you subscribe to a location, we’ll send you daily menu emails for that location.

7. How do I stop getting daily menu emails?

You can unsubscribe from a location in the location preferences section of the website or mobile app. When you unsubscribe from a location, we’ll stop sending you daily menu emails. Note: if you unsubscribe from Fooda emails using the “unsubscribe” link in the daily menu emails, you’ll be unsubscribed from all Fooda menu emails and will need to resubscribe to start receiving Fooda menu emails again.

8. How do I resubscribe to Fooda menu emails?

For popup and delivery orders, you are able to view your previous orders and order details by accessing your Order History either by logging into the Fooda iOS or Android app, or logging into the Fooda website and selecting Order History.


1. How does popup even work (how do you go and order)?

Fooda brings in rotating restaurants to a specified location in your office or building. You can view the menus for Popup events using the website or mobile app, and we’ll send you daily menu emails as well if you sign up for an account online or in our app. Treat Popup like your local walk-in fast casual — just get in line and place your order with our friendly restaurants and pay with cash or credit. When checking out a Popup in person, just place your order. Don’t forget to provide your phone number during checkout to earn Fooda Rewards!

2. How do I join Rewards?

Download the Fooda iOS or Android mobile app and sign up. If you already have the Fooda iOS or Android mobile app, follow the prompt to add your phone number to your existing account. If you use a credit card during a purchase in a jurisdiction where your phone number can be requested, Fooda will link your credit card to your account and automatically provide Points for future purchases made with the same credit card.

3. How do I earn Rewards?

To ensure you earn points every time you visit Popup, provide your phone number to the cashier during checkout. This helps us link your Fooda account with your purchase. Fooda will also link your credit card to your account so you will automatically earn points for future purchases made with the same credit card and will not have to provide your phone number at checkout for every purchase.

4. I don’t see my order in my Order History and/or I did not receive points for my purchase.

Ensure you have a valid phone number linked to your Fooda account and that you are signed up for rewards. If you are missing points due to a previously unlinked order, please contact us at ​ [email protected]​ , including the date you made your rewards-eligible purchase, the restaurant you ordered from, the last four digits of the card you used, and the phone number your use for the Fooda rewards program to get your order linked to your rewards account.

5. How do I update my phone number?

You can update your old phone number with your new number in the profile section of your account using the website or mobile app.

6. How can I preview what’s for lunch at my popup today?

Sign up for a free account to see your restaurant schedule and menus. When you sign up, you’ll also get an email each morning with the menu.

7. How do I use my Subsidy?

If your employer has opted to partially or fully subsidize your meal, you will be able to use your subsidy code by downloading the Fooda iOS or Android ap and signing up / logging in with your company email. You will be able to access your subsidy as a QR code via the app by visiting the Discounts section of the app, or by tapping the “Use Discount” icon on the bottom of your app home screen.


1. How do I place an order?

Either log in to your account through the Fooda website, or download the Fooda iOS or Android app and log in. You will be able to access your events for the day, including browsing menus and purchasing items for delivery.

2. Where will my food be delivered to?

You will receive a delivery order confirmation email after placing your order. This email will include information about where the order will be delivered.

3. How do I cancel an order?

To cancel your delivery order, you can reach out to ​ [email protected]​.

4. What if my order is missing?

Please reach out to ​ [email protected]​ or live-chat us and we can help out!

5. What if my food is running late?

If we know a delivery will be made after the 30 minute delivery window, we will send a heads up email to let you know. If your order is late and you haven’t heard from us, you can get in touch and we’ll give you a status update.


1. Which restaurants can I order catering from?

Check them all out on You can order directly through the website. If you’d like to speak with a Fooda catering specialist, email or call us.

2. I can’t find what I’m looking for on the catering

Our website has a variety of cuisines and different price points, so take a look through there first. If you need some advice or want something special, give us a call or email and a catering specialist will be happy to help.

3. Can I change my catering order?

Call us and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

4. Where’s my catering delivery?

We monitor the delivery of each order, so we’ll reach out if it’s running later than the delivery window. If we haven’t reached out and you still don’t have your food by the end of the delivery window, please give us a call.