Name: No Tomatoes! An Indian Café
Cuisine: Indian
Location: West Hollywood, CA
Website: Click Here
Fooda Partner Since: August 2014

No Tomatoes! An Indian Café What’s up with the name: Originally a food truck serving traditional Indian street food, owners and long time friends Neeraj Patel and Kim Billingsly hated tomatoes about as much as they loved having fun with marketing. In creating both the truck and its menu they wanted them to reflect the casual nature of Indian street food. Thus, the No Tomatoes! Indian Food Truck was born with unique menu items using traditional flavors in modern dishes such as their Tikka Tacos and Bombay Burger. Now as a brick and mortar restaurant, and serving more traditional Indian fare (that yes, contain tomatoes) Neeraj and Kim wanted to keep the name No Tomatoes! to reflect its cheeky and fun beginnings.

Menu Highlights: The Masala Box Combo, this combo contains everything you could ever want from a hearty Indian lunch. Choice of two delicious curries, basmati rice, green salad, garlic naan and one of their delicious flavor packed samosas. Also included is their homemade chutney sauce, which, is both cooling with its yogurt base and packs a punch with its array of spices!

Why you should try their food: Their samosas are about the best in Los Angeles. Have you ever eaten a samosa where breading and under-stuffed filling leaves you wanting more? Well, look no further, the light and flakey outer layer is in perfect proportion to its spicy and flavorful interior. Each corner of this triangular puff is packed to the corners with a potato and pea filling that when dipped in their homemade chutney does a cool and spicy dance in your mouth. At $1.00 a piece your only problem is that there is no problem.