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Fooda Cooks: Nashville Hot Chicken

Here at Fooda we are passionate about eating delicious food all the time. That includes providing great food for workplaces across the country, as well as having fun with our own recipes at home. Here’s

Fooda Restaurant Partner – A Vegan Fast Casual Hotspot

Beatnic first opened their doors in West Village, New York, in 2015 at a time when vegan food was still somewhat uncommon. In the years since, this cuisine type has become far more mainstream, leading

A Fooda Restaurant Partner with the Best Soul Food in the Valley

Adriane Harris-Durham, head chef at Big Bacon’s, developed a love for cooking at an early age by watching her grandmother cook in the kitchen. Years later, she met her now-husband who also shares a love

2021 Holiday Promotions from Fooda’s Restaurant Partners Across The Country

See delicious promotions from some of Fooda’s Restaurant Partners and support your local restaurants this holiday season. Atlanta Buzy Burrito Gift Cards Food By Felicia Meal KitsIndividual Holiday Meals NaanStop Boxed Meals Austin Shawarma Point

Employee Engagement: What’s Working in Q4 2021

Takeaways from a Webinar with Fooda and Litera Fooda and Litera recently co-hosted a webinar to discuss the current state of employee engagement in Q4 2021.  Evolving management strategies, encouraging strong work-life balance, maximizing company

Your Contactless Options at Fooda Now Includes Mobile Order Ahead

Your lunch experience is now even better. Fooda is proud to announce the introduction of mobile ordering via our app. It’s a really convenient way for you to order and pay for your meals ahead

Why Buy Food For Your Employees During COVID-19?

As we enter into the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, so much of our world has changed. Our workaday lives prior to the pandemic have shifted dramatically to include social distancing, the wearing of

5 Ways to Creatively Feed Employees While The Cafeteria is Still Closed

As we enter into the third year of the global COVID-19 health crisis, more and more people are returning to working in-person after months/years of working from home.  HR and Facilities teams across the country

Ordering Catering During COVID: 5 Tips for Staying Safe, Delighting Your Employees, Saving Money, And Minimizing Food Waste

As companies bring people back to the workplace, ordering food has become a common best practice that encourages teams to stay in and stay safe. For many offices, this is the first time that food

Webinar Recording: The Future of Food at Work

How to Plan for Food at Work in the Post Quarantine World: Keeping Safe and Boosting Employee Enthusiasm about Returning The new reality has changed everything about the workplace and food is no exception. Understandably,

Office Safety

8 Office Safety Guidelines for Food at Work during COVID-19

As employers and property managers plan to reopen during COVID-19, office safety is at the top of everyone’s minds. Countless articles have been written about the topic in general, but very little information is available

What Most Food Service Companies Get Wrong

In 2014, 20% of employers offered free food to their employees. In 2018, that number had rocketed to 32%. So there’s a good chance you’ve run a search for “food service companies near me.” Many

The Admin’s Ultimate Guide to Corporate Catering

As an admin—whether an administrative assistant, a human resources rep, or a startup executive—you’ve probably been tasked with ordering food for your company. If you’re like many people, you have no idea what to do

This Is How Community College Food Can Be Exciting

What do college students eat? Stereotypical college foods like Easy Mac, Hot Pockets, and frozen pizza immediately come to mind. But the question is more pressing than you might imagine. “There’s a lot of food