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Popup Restaurants in Your Building

An exciting amenity for tenants that's pain free for property managers.

Fooda Popup Setup

Competitive office buildings use Fooda as a low-cost way to activate common areas at lunch. A daily rotation of authentic chef-driven restaurants visits your building on site to sell fresh food directly to your tenants.

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Leading property management companies trust Fooda

How It Works

We have the logistics down to a science.

Turnkey and fully managed by Fooda

Restaurants prepare food in their own kitchens, arrive to your building at lunch, and clean up before leaving. Fooda's team handles all the logistics and provides the necessary equipment. Zero day-to-day management is required from the building.

Quality and convenience designed around your tenants

With a daily variety of highly rated restaurants, lunch is always fresh and never boring. Fooda's AI powered platform creates weekly schedules based on your building community's unique buying habits. Tenants can see their upcoming lineup through Fooda's app, website, and daily emails.

I like putting tenants into buildings that have Fooda. It's an easy sell, and an additional amenity. If Fooda is in a building, my tenants are happy.

Brad Serot
Leasing Agent, CBRE

Putting a Fooda Popup in your building is easy and worry free.

NOTE: This video was filmed before COVID-19. Please view it to understand how the Fooda program works.

  • No construction required. No need for special build outs, gas lines, kitchen maintenance, or air vents.
  • Small footprint. Fooda Popup fits in a 12 x 7 ft area – space that can be repurposed when lunch isn't being served.
  • Trusted track record: Fooda successfully manages Popup services for hundreds of office buildings across the country, with a 90% year over year retention rate.

Fooda handles all of the planning and logistics so we don't have to deal with restaurants or food trucks. Our people in the building are extremely happy with the service.

Lya de la Cruz Foster
Property Manager, Crescent Real Estate

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