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Subsidy Engine

A perk that shows employees they matter

Great places to work offer their teams help with buying food at work. Partial or full lunch subsidies increase morale, add excitement about being on site, and grow workplace community engagement. With Fooda, you can have authentic restaurant food served in-house by trained and certified staff. Employers are often surprised by the affordability of our program, which is modeled on a cost-per-use basis.

Subsidies encourage staff to be together in person

By incorporating a subsidy into their food programs, organizations benefit from higher in-person attendance, higher retention and recruitment rates, and more employee engagement through the communal experience of sharing meals.

Fooda subsidies are Flexible and Affordable

Since Fooda's subsidy program is modeled on a per-use basis, employers only pay for team members who are being served lunch on a given day. Easily increase, or decrease subsidies to adjust for new situations, like population changes that happen each day, week, or month.

Admins use the Fooda for Business portal to self-manage subsidies directly for teams and individuals. It's full control in real time, which our clients appreciate.

Subsidies are easy for your teams to redeem

To claim their subsidy, your employees simply need a Fooda account using their work email. To verify identify and usage, employees easily show their QR code in the Fooda App when they check out at a Popup or Food Hall. When placing a mobile order, subsidies are automatically applied.

Your lunch subsidy supports local restaurants

The social movement to support local restaurants has never been stronger. Communities are empathetic to the fact that restaurants have gone through rough times. A great way to help restore local restaurant business is to provide the opportunity for them to serve your team.

User Management

Manage Your Program With Fooda Technology and Support

The Fooda for Business portal allows you to manage your subsidy program and keep up to date with your billing, all in one place.

Take control of your subsidy program

Add and delete employees from your program using the fooda for business web app. Fooda's subsidies allow for maximum flexibility and full control. Additionally, tiered systems and subsidy amounts can be changed with little notice.

Keep on top of billing

In the Fooda for Business portal you can set up automatic payment and review invoices.

Monthly Performance Report

Each month you will receive a report that shows important statistics for your account in several categories; Fiancials, Employee Participation, and Community Impact.

AI Powered Scheduling

Intelligent Scheduling

Our experience has shown that people's wallets are the best indicators of their preferences. And Fooda is more valuable to your organization when more of your employees use it. Which is why our data team is using AI to analyze millions of previous orders to predict what your employees will want for lunch on any given day of the week.

Variety is the spice of life

We believe variety is what helps people look forward to lunch at work, which is why our platform works to provide a mix of cuisines each week.

Continuous Learning

By continuously learning your employees' daily buying habits, Fooda's intelligent scheduling platfom sends the restaurants that your team loves. This is a win for you, because your team gets exactly what they want, and for our restaurant partners, since they're selling more meals to happy customers.

Marketing & Communication

Fooda's Consumer Communication

Employees can look forward to meals from their favorite restaurants and plan accordingly. Visibility into the restaurants scheduled a week in advance, delivered through the app or email (with the option to opt-out).

Daily and Week Ahead emails

Knowing what is coming for lunch in the week ahead allows employees to plan their meals in advance, and daily emails remind them to order ahead or get excited about their meal.

In App Promotions

The Fooda app allows us to not only show the week ahead's schedule and menus, but to have a rewards program and offer coupons. What's a more appetizing reason to check your phone?

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