Why Have Food at Work? | Fooda

Why Have Food at Work?

Recruiting and Retention

The bar has been raised. Job candidates expect good food at work, now more than ever. When looking at the lists of the best places to work, food programs always show up. When the food is especially good, employees stick around and spread the word outside the organization.


When companies promote a food program, teams get in the habit of eating together rather than venturing out solo. They tend to loosen up and get to know one another. Mealtimes become a ritual that strengthen the company's culture every single day. Few if any engagement opportunities repeat as frequently.


An onsite meal program lets people make the most of their time. Countless hours are saved when employees don't have to go through the ordeal of leaving the office, getting into their cars, and finding a restaurant. Everyone loves getting that time back.

Health and wellness

Health and wellness has become a mainstream priority in today's culture. People want healthy options; the workplace is no exception. By providing access to high quality, fresh meals, your company meets that growing demand. Addressing health and wellness also leads to decreased insurance costs and fewer sick days.

Why Fooda?

Fooda is in the business of making lunch at work something that employees can look forward to every day. What makes us stand out the most? Restaurants. They are the heroes of our business model. Rather than cook our own food, our job is to handle all the moving pieces that go into bringing different restaurants to your workplace; fresh and on time every day. We've been doing it since 2011, in major cities across the country and for clients from startups to Fortune 500s.

Location Flexibility

Fooda's programs evolve as you grow, offering solutions for organizations of every size.

Location High retention

Clients that join Fooda tend to love it. Our partner retention rate is more than 90%.

Location National presence

Fooda is across the country and we're constantly expanding to new cities. If we're not near you, chances are we're on our way soon.


Most food programs are expensive. Fooda's model is uniquely low cost for employers, since our core business model is centered around a revenue share with our restaurant partners. This puts companies in the position to provide a very affordable perk for their employees. For companies that want to subsidize meals for their employees, our model allows for employers to pay for part or all of the meal.

Data driven Solution

Through cutting edge AI, Fooda learns from millions of data points every day. The data helps us make decisions that save money for our clients, keep your employees happy, reduce food waste, and help restaurants stay profitable.

Restaurant partners

At Fooda, we scour the streets for the best food trucks, trendy restaurants, and hidden-gem mom and pops. Making the connection between talented restaurateurs and people who appreciate their food is our passion. We partner with local and national favorites across the country to ensure your colleagues love their lunch every day.