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Our promise when you have Fooda at work

You work hard, race to meet deadlines and squeeze every ounce of ingenuity into your work. At Fooda, we believe your meals should be an opportunity to recharge and enjoy a moment of delight in your otherwise active day.

If you work at a place where Fooda is an option, then your employer or building manager cares about you and your appetite for food from really good restaurants. Lucky you. Here's what you can expect:

Food from a variety of Restaurants

You shouldn't be limited by the food options within walking distance of your desk. Fooda opens up your possibilities by bringing a rotating variety of restaurants right where you work.

Here's what a work week eating Fooda might look like:


You sample Poke from a Hawaiian fusion restaurant you’ve never tried before.


Your favorite mexican restaurant (from your neighborhood!) serves you elotes and a side avocado caesar salad.


A famous food truck vendor tempts you with his Nashville hot fried chicken sandwiches. Go for it. We don’t judge.


A classic downtown steakhouse lets you stay healthy with their roasted beet and goat cheese salad.


You can't resist beef and broccoli from an old Chinatown staple. Your fortune cookie reads "You will be pleasantly surprised by something new in the week to come."

Quality you can feel

Quality food comes from awesome ingredients and care in preparation. It also delights taste buds and makes people feel good. Our promise is that you'll always receive fresh, delicious food from Fooda.

Convenience & respect for your time

You work hard and your time is valuable. Why waste it running around in search of a meal? Good food should be easy to find.

Healthy options

More so today than ever before, people care about where their food comes from and how it's made. We believe you should be able to find the options that fit your individual lifestyle and dietary needs.

Smart, data-driven decisions

Fooda processes millions of datapoints like restaurant reviews, feedback from our customers, and point of sale transactions in order to intelligently select the restaurants you love and provide optimal, reliable service to you.

Reasonable pricing

We respect your wallet by keeping meal prices reasonable. Whether you order tacos or a lobster roll, Fooda believes the value of your meal should match its price.

Community matters

We tend to eat with people we like and trust. Fooda wants to make it easier for you to get to know the people you work with by sharing meals together with them.

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