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Guest Restaurants Visiting Your Workplace

A daily rotation of authentic restaurants visits you on site, sets up, and sells food directly to your employees or building tenants. People love that they can count on convenient, quick access to a variety of high-quality food. Since employees pay for their own meals, there is little to no cost to your business.

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How it Works


Our intelligent platform curates and schedules restaurants from top brands and local hidden gems specifically for your workplace. And it gets smarter as it goes, by learning your employee’s favorite restaurants. That way, there’s always something delicious to look forward to.


Your employees receive daily menu emails so they can get a taste of what’s to come. They can also view that week’s lunch lineup through the Fooda app or a customized web page we build for your company. No more wondering about where to head for lunch every day.
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A restaurant sets up, serves, and sells lunch to your employees for two hours and cleans up. Meals are generally $8-$10, never more than the restaurant’s in-store menu price. Each serving is prepared to order, but there is no cooking on site. A different restaurant repeats the process the next day.

80% of employees at companies with Fooda consider it a top perk at work.

Popup Experience

Site Requirements

Power: one 120V outlet

Space: 12 ft x 7 ft area

Water: access to running water

Wi fi: wifi access for processing credit cards

More About the Day to Day Popup Experience

You'll love the benefits you get from Fooda Popup.


Retain & Recruit Top Talent »

80% of employees say Fooda is one of their all-time favorite workplace perks. Your decision to put Fooda Popup onsite is a visible sign that you care about your employees.

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Increase Productivity »

Win back your employees time by bringing restaurants to them, and watching their productivity increase. The convenience of Fooda keeps people on site.


Foster Your Community »

Conversations begin when people eat together. Teams that eat together form stronger bonds and communicate better (even with their mouths full).

» How Investing in Your Employees Pays Off

Taste a Variety of Quality Food »

Your employees care about quality, right? Give them access to our network of 1,000+ restaurants with high Yelp! ratings and grade A health certifications.

» All About Popup Menu Items

» Fooda's Restaurant Network

Option to Subsidize Employee Lunches At Fooda Popup

For employers who want to offer an added Food benefit for their teams, Fooda Lunch Money is the perfect solution. Tell us a set dollar amount per employee and we'll handle the rest.

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