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Technology Experience for Restaurants

AI Powered Scheduling

Intelligent Scheduling

With artificial intelligence, we're building more accurate prep numbers so you can reduce food waste and sell more items that customers want. We also use AI algorithms to schedule your restaurant for events based on your schedule preferences. By giving our sites a great variety of cuisines, customers stay excited about their food at work programs.

Prep data

To provide you with better meal prep estimates, our model considers multiple factors including event location, sales history, and even predicted weather. Our AI algorithms are always learning. The more you use your meal prep numbers, the more accurate they become.

Events are scheduled in advance

Events are scheduled up to a month in advance, giving you plenty of time to prepare. View upcoming events and accept your schedule in Fooda for Restaurants portal (or Point of Sale). Compare that to the chaos of an influx of online one-off ordering from other companies.

Point of Sale

The Fooda Point of Sale was Built for Fooda Events

The Fooda point of sale was designed by Fooda for events shared with our restaurant partners and includes features that help everything run smoothly and profitably. Our Technology is constantly best in class in terms of features and usability. This investment helps businesses thrive.

Menus are pre loaded for your events

Take orders in real-time and fulfill mobile orders

QR codes for Subsidies and Coupons

Offline and Emergency Modes for when internet connections are lost

Multiple events run on one account

Time & temperature logs

Calendar/Schedule and site directions

Robust reporting

Customer Loyalty Program


Use Your Own iOS Device to Run Your Events

Why only iOS devices?

Fooda's engineering team can make improvements faster with a single platform. Whether it's processing your orders, or incorporating your feedback into newer versions, work is completed more quickly with a single, robust app.

Payment Hardware

The Fooda point of sale pairs with a variety of card readers at different price points, so you can easily get one that matches your preferences.


Your Data, Close at Hand

We make sure you can access data about your Fooda events with the Fooda for Restaurants web app, as well as regularly communicating high level data for your restaurant.

Site and event analysis

How did an event go? What meals are most popular at what locations? Fooda is continuously learning and sharing data with you so that your events with us can be successful. Your time and your ingredients are money. When it comes to providing actionable data, no one else in the industry comes close.

Restaurant Performance Report

Each month Fooda compiles your restaurant's personalized performance report - a transparent view into your success as a Fooda partner. Your latest earnings, marketing reach, customer satisfaction, and other key performance indicators are included here in a way that is meant to be easily consumed.

Let's talk about your lunch business.

We're always on the lookout for dedicated restaurant partners. If you'd like to drive more visits to your store, we'd love to work with you. Fill out the form here and we'll reach out.

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