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Mobile Ordering

Order your meal ahead of time.
Never wait in line again.

Mobile Order Ahead is an exciting addition to the Fooda app. Select and pay for your meal from your phone and skip the line. It's a convenient and contactless experience.

How it works (it's easy as pie) All from your device

Simply sign into your app, select your location, and order your food! Rewards, coupons and subsidies are built into the experience too.

Order window: Mobile Order Ahead Window opens 15 minutes before the Popup service begins and closes 15 minutes before service end.

Skip the line, Go directly to Pickup

After ordering, the main screen on your Fooda app will show a pickup time and order number at the top


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Fooda Rewards

Are you ready to be rewarded?

Earn points each time you stop for lunch at a Fooda location. Then, redeem those points for free food at any Popup you choose — no matter which restaurant is hosting that day.

How to sign up for Fooda Rewards

1. Download the Fooda App & create an account.

Already have the Fooda app? Enroll in Rewards by adding your phone number to your profile and following the verification text sent to you

2. Provide your phone number the next time you're paying for lunch with Fooda

It's that easy!


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Ready to redeem?

Once you've earned enough points you can convert them into a coupon. You can use that coupon at any Fooda Popup. Did you earn the points at Sushi in San Jose but want to spend them on BBQ in Nashville? No problem. Pick up your brisket and show your coupon at the checkout.

Once you're at the register, you'll pay the difference after the value of your coupon is deducted. Or, if you have enough points saved up, your lunch will be covered!


Tired of lunching alone? Refer a friend!

Refer a friend and they'll get $2 towards their first ever Fooda purchase if they create a new account. You'll also receive $2 to spend at a Fooda Popup once they're walking away with their fresh, delicious lunch.

The best part? This isn't just a one-time thing. You'll earn $2 for every friend you refer to Fooda.

What you need to do:

1. Open your Fooda App

2. Go to Settings and tap Refer Friends, Get $2

3. Tap Share the Love! to send your code to your friends

What your friend needs to do:

1. Download the Fooda App from the personalized link or add your code at sign up

2. Create a Fooda account

3. Buy lunch at a Fooda Popup and scan their referral coupon

No App? Share on desktop

It's as simple as Logging in and clicking the message at the top "Refer a coworker, get free food".

Office Subsidies

A perk that shows employees they matter

Some employers offer their teams a subsidy to help defray the cost of eating at the office. No expense reports or reimbursements forms required, just your employer helping you enjoy a delicious meal

Are you an employer interested in offering a subsidy to your team? Learn More.

Subsidies are easy to redeem

If your employer subsidizes your lunch all you need to use it is a Fooda account using your work email.

Show the QR code located in your Fooda App when you check out.

If you place a mobile order your subsidy will automatically be applied.

Your lunch subsidy supports local restaurants

The social movement to support local restaurants has never been stronger than it is today. By making restaurants part of their meal program, employers spark a connection with the local community. Restaurants in turn, bring not only delicious food, but also authenticity and diversity to today’s workplace.

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