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For Our Valued Restaurant Partners: Designing Fooda for Restaurants

Fooda is on a mission to connect people with great food at work. Our network of 2,000+ restaurant partners is fundamental to that goal. In the past, we’ve designed and developed our own internal POS

3 Reasons Why Office Cafeteria Participation is Dwindling  

How often do you eat in your company’s cafeteria? If you’re like most professionals, it’s probably uncommon. Office cafeteria participation has dwindled for the last 20 years. Here are some reasons why: Lack of Variety

How Corporate Cafeteria Management Companies Work

Corporate cafeterias are a hot topic in today’s business world. But do you really know how they work? If you’re considering a corporate cafeteria management company for your in-house food service, there are a few

Everything You Need to Know About Corporate Dining

Corporate dining isn’t a new employee perk, but it’s gotten a lot of attention lately. And rightfully so—it’s a big business. Many employers want to pick up part of the lunch tab to show employees

Fooda Ranked on Entrepreneur’s 2018 Top Company Culture List

Fooda made Entrepreneur’s Top Company Culture list, ranked one of the top 3 Chicago-based companies. A strong culture takes more than just a cool office with delicious food and nice coworkers (although, we do have

3 Corporate Cafeteria Trends Disrupting the Old-School Model

What are the latest corporate cafeteria trends? It’s no longer about adding to your collection of hot sauces or putting cilantro in the salad dressing. No. It’s more than that. The old-school company cafeteria is

15 Startup Culture Ideas for Your Growing Business

Building a successful startup requires more than having a great business idea. It also means more than putting together a dedicated team, or even having a solid business plan. To thrive over the long term,

Consumer Tipping Point: Initial Building Blocks

This post comes from Eric Ward, a Business Intelligence Analyst for Fooda’s Data Science and Analytics team. He came into the newly-created role to kick off the effort of building out the enterprise reporting environment

15 Company Lunch Catering Ideas for Events at Your office

Ordering lunch for yourself is easy. Ordering lunch for your entire company? Not so much. Coming up with company lunch catering ideas that will please all of your coworkers’ taste buds can be stressful, but

10 Surprisingly Cost-Effective And Unique Benefits For Employees

If you want to recruit great talent, and retain the best staffers you already have, you’re going to need more than the standard benefits and perks offered by everyone else. While most workers appreciate things

Hyatt’s Fooda Food Hall named to Food Management’s 2018 Best Concepts List

During the spring of 2017, Hyatt Hotels Corporation moved its corporate headquarters to the newly constructed North Riverside Plaza in Chicago. Its associates were used to having a traditional cafeteria at the office, but management

5 Reasons Smart Companies Are Rethinking Their Corporate Lunch Menus

Ever get the feeling that your company’s cafeteria program just isn’t working? Those old, predictable corporate lunch menus just aren’t appetizing to today’s workforce, and it’s driving down participation. Instead of adapting and investing in

Expressive Tests as Documentation (Using RSpec and FactoryBot)

This post was written by Mikee Pourhadi, a Software Engineer at Fooda. Mikee has a lot of strong opinions about testing, and his instincts are right about 15% of the time. He loves food. Fooda