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10 Surprisingly Cost-Effective And Unique Benefits For Employees

If you want to recruit great talent, and retain the best staffers you already have, you’re going to need more than the standard benefits and perks offered by everyone else. While most workers appreciate things

Hyatt’s Fooda Food Hall named to Food Management’s 2018 Best Concepts List

During the spring of 2017, Hyatt Hotels Corporation moved its corporate headquarters to the newly constructed North Riverside Plaza in Chicago. Its associates were used to having a traditional cafeteria at the office, but management

5 Reasons Smart Companies Are Rethinking Their Corporate Lunch Menus

Ever get the feeling that your company’s cafeteria program just isn’t working? Those old, predictable corporate lunch menus just aren’t appetizing to today’s workforce, and it’s driving down participation. Instead of adapting and investing in

Expressive Tests as Documentation (Using RSpec and FactoryBot)

This post was written by Mikee Pourhadi, a Software Engineer at Fooda. Mikee has a lot of strong opinions about testing, and his instincts are right about 15% of the time. He loves food. Fooda

Fooda ranked 8th Fastest-Growing Company in Chicago

Even though it’s Fooda’s second time making the Fast 50 list, we didn’t become the leading provider of freshly-served restaurant food at work overnight. The idea behind Fooda all started a decade ago, when workers

5 Big Reasons Today’s Top Companies Are Investing In Corporate Catering Services

No matter what the industry or the business, everybody has to eat. That’s one reason that the humble lunch break has become such an important part of the work day. It’s more than just brief

Fooda Fest 2018

The scene at the first annual Fooda Fest was, in a word, familiar. A crowd of Fooda customers, vendors and employees congregated around tables featuring signature dishes from the 5 restaurants that were voted best

5 Huge Benefits Of Free Food At Work

Is there anything employees love more than when their company picks up the tab for lunch? It may seem like a small thing, but benefits of free food at work shouldn’t be overlooked by today’s

5 Benefits Of A Boxed Lunch Program For Your Employees

It’s not always easy for your workers to find nourishing, healthy food during their lunch breaks. After all, they have to fight against the clock, traffic, and long lines just to grab something from the

How to Select a Food Service Provider – 9 Questions to Ask

Wondering how to select a food service provider? Choosing a corporate cafeteria management company is an important, and strategic decision for your business. And the outcome is likely one you’ll deal with for years to

5 Required Sections in Your Next Corporate Cafeteria RFP

Creating corporate cafeteria RFPs when you’re looking for a new cafeteria provider can be a headache. Especially since RFPs are not something you’re working with every day. At Fooda, we do see cafeteria RFPs every

Best Lunch in Atlanta: Sisters of the New South

When it’s 10 o’clock at night and you’re craving a bucket of crispy fried chicken with a side of mac, Sisters of the New South has you covered. This soul food franchise has a mission

I called an ethernet port “the internet hole” at my first job – now I’m a Product Manager

Kristine Alipio is a Product Manager at Fooda. She dove headfirst into the startup life after graduating from the University of Iowa. You can find her by listening for her laugh, or sneaking a bite