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How College Food Service Companies are Elevating Campus Dining Experiences

Navigating the complex landscape of college food service providers? This article cuts to the chase, highlighting how industry leaders like Fooda are redefining dining programs for higher education. We’ll explore innovative approaches to locally sourced,

Quanta Honored as Fooda’s 2023 Community Impact Award Recipient

In a remarkable display of community engagement and support, Quanta has been named the recipient of the 2023 Houston Community Impact Award. This award recognizes Quanta’s significant efforts in bolstering small and diverse businesses in

21 Innovative Employee Retention Strategies to Boost Your Company’s Culture in 2024

Are you struggling with high employee turnover? Is your company culture lacking that special something to keep your talented workforce engaged and motivated? Discover how to revitalize your company culture and retain top talent with

The Benefits of Subsidized Meals for Employees: How To Boost Productivity and Save Money

In today’s fast-paced work environment, offering meal subsidies to employees can be a strategic move for companies looking to enhance efficiency while cutting costs. These subsidies are more than just a financial perk; they represent

Reinvigorating the Office with Return to Office Food

As people adjust to the post-pandemic world, companies are seeking creative ways to entice workers back to the office. One powerful yet often overlooked strategy is offering free or subsidized lunches. Not only does this

New Age of Healthcare Dining: Hospital Food Providers Integrate Local Restaurants for a Diverse Menu Offering

The selection of hospital food providers plays a crucial role in enhancing the dining experience for staff and visitors, significantly impacting overall well-being within healthcare settings. This article dives into the transformative trends in healthcare

Dive Into the Benefits of Corporate Dining Concepts

Imagine savoring every bite of your buffalo chicken wrap while discussing the latest episode of The Bear with your coworkers. Instead of a hurried lunch at your desk, you have access to a variety of

Expand Restaurant Business: How Fooda Partnerships Amplify Impressions

In the fiercely competitive world of dining and hospitality, every restaurant is always on the lookout for ways to increase impressions and create lasting connections with customers. The only issue is how? Fooda offers restaurants

A Recipe for Success: How Fooda Fueled BIBIBOP’s Rapid Expansion

BIBIBOP Asian Grill, a rapidly expanding fast-casual restaurant chain based in Columbus, has made waves with its sensational Korean fusion cuisine. Within a span of six years, BIBIBOP has grown from 12 to an astounding

Fooda Cooks: Nashville Hot Chicken

Here at Fooda we are passionate about eating delicious food all the time. That includes providing great food for workplaces across the country, as well as having fun with our own recipes at home. Here’s

Announcing Partnership with Replate

Fooda is thrilled to announce our partnership with Replate, a technology-based organization that connects and delivers surplus food from businesses to communities in need. Working with Replate will give our clients the opportunity to create

Your Contactless Options at Fooda Now Includes Mobile Order Ahead

Your lunch experience is now even better. Fooda is proud to announce the introduction of mobile ordering via our app. It’s a really convenient way for you to order and pay for your meals ahead

Fooda Gives Back

Fooda is excited to announce Fooda Gives Back, a new employee-driven initiative focused on deepening our social impact in the markets in which we operate. Fooda employees selected two non-profit organizations to support during our

Working at Fooda

Watch the video above to see why now is the time to join Fooda’s team. Fooda is a Chicago-based technology company that’s expanded to 20+ markets across the country since 2011. We’re hiring for positions

For Our Valued Restaurant Partners: Designing Fooda for Restaurants

Fooda is on a mission to connect people with great food at work. Our network of 2,000+ restaurant partners is fundamental to that goal. In the past, we’ve designed and developed our own internal POS