Fooda is thrilled to announce our partnership with Replate, a technology-based organization that connects and delivers surplus food from businesses to communities in need. Working with Replate will give our clients the opportunity to create a more sustainable food economy while caring for those who need it most.

Anyone responsible for ordering food for their teams knows that it can be nearly impossible to know exactly how much to order and how many employees will be onsite on any given day. With Replate, you can feel good about ordering a bit more than you can chew. Any excess food from your lunch or dinner will be picked up by a Replate food rescuer and delivered to a local nonprofit. “Our clients care deeply about supporting their local communities,” says Alex Groesbeck, President of Fooda. Now, not only will our clients support their local restaurants by ordering with Fooda, but when utilizing Replate, they will also be giving back to those in need.

To give you an idea of how this process works, we followed the food from a local restaurant in LA to an entertainment company in Hollywood to a nearby nonprofit. Imagine this: An entertainment company in LA looking to enhance their social impact, introduces Fooda as a new workplace amenity that attracts new talent and re-engages current employees. Now their employees have access to free, high-quality food at work and can order from authentic restaurants like a local Popup restaurant partner, Chris N’ Eddy’s. The company orders an abundance of food to ensure there is more than enough for their onsite teams. After lunch, any untouched food is picked up and brought to Kheir Clinic to feed a single mother of three, elderly parents, and a family of five. 

“There’s immense potential for companies to incorporate food recovery into daily operations, as a way to save money, prevent waste, and support the environment and community,” said Maen Mahfoud, CEO/Founder of Replate. “Social impact initiatives also have the ability to boost employee engagement and attract key stakeholders. We’re excited to work alongside Fooda to help clients achieve these goals.” 

Between our network of 2,177 restaurant partners and countless compassionate business partners and Replate’s commitment to mitigating climate change and alleviating food insecurity, this partnership has the potential to make a significant difference at the local and national level. So far, the impact has been incredible: 

  • 36,085 pounds of food donated
  • 30,072 meals created
  • 73,974 pounds of CO2 diverted from the air
  • 9.1 million gallons of water saved

See for yourself the incredible impact Replate has made by visiting