Company Culture

Dell Honored with Austin’s 2024 Community Impact Award

Dell has earned the 2024 Austin Community Impact Award for their significant support of local businesses through their innovative food at work program.  Dell’s commitment to inclusivity and corporate responsibility has benefited the Austin community

Healthy Lunch Ideas for Work

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, maintaining a healthy eating routine at work can be challenging. Employees often find themselves settling for unhealthy options due to time constraints and lack of variety within the radius of

5 Strategies to Boost Onsite Attendance in the Hybrid Work Era

As organizations transition to hybrid work models, increasing onsite attendance has become a challenge. To help companies navigate this transition, we put together 5 strategies to enhance onsite days based on content in our recently

Fooda Cooks: Nashville Hot Chicken

Here at Fooda we are passionate about eating delicious food all the time. That includes providing great food for workplaces across the country, as well as having fun with our own recipes at home. Here’s

Employee Engagement: What’s Working in Q4 2021

Takeaways from a Webinar with Fooda and Litera Fooda and Litera recently co-hosted a webinar to discuss the current state of employee engagement in Q4 2021.  Evolving management strategies, encouraging strong work-life balance, maximizing company

Why Buy Food For Your Employees During COVID-19?

As we enter into the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, so much of our world has changed. Our workaday lives prior to the pandemic have shifted dramatically to include social distancing, the wearing of

Webinar Recording: The Future of Food at Work

How to Plan for Food at Work in the Post Quarantine World: Keeping Safe and Boosting Employee Enthusiasm about Returning The new reality has changed everything about the workplace and food is no exception. Understandably,

Office Safety

8 Office Safety Guidelines for Food at Work during COVID-19

As employers and property managers plan to reopen during COVID-19, office safety is at the top of everyone’s minds. Countless articles have been written about the topic in general, but very little information is available

This Is How Community College Food Can Be Exciting

What do college students eat? Stereotypical college foods like Easy Mac, Hot Pockets, and frozen pizza immediately come to mind. But the question is more pressing than you might imagine. “There’s a lot of food

Hiring a Food Service Company? 5 Things You Need to Know

There are a lot of food service companies out there. From massive multinationals to smaller regional providers, you have tons of options. We’ve already covered the nine questions you need to ask when hiring a

49 Corporate Catering Ideas Your Employees Will Love

A corporate catering perk is great for your employees—it’s convenient, helps employees save some money, and shows that you appreciate your staff. Catering can be a great way to support wellness at your organization, too.

How to Build an Outstanding Startup Culture (On a Budget)

Startup culture has a huge impact on the success of a growing company. Most startup executives and managers intuitively know this. Defining startup culture—or corporate culture in general—on the other hand, is more difficult. Knowing

Everything You Need to Know About Corporate Dining

Corporate dining isn’t a new employee perk, but it’s gotten a lot of attention lately. And rightfully so—it’s a big business. Many employers want to pick up part of the lunch tab to show employees

15 Startup Culture Ideas for Your Growing Business

Building a successful startup requires more than having a great business idea. It also means more than putting together a dedicated team, or even having a solid business plan. To thrive over the long term,

15 Company Lunch Catering Ideas for Events at Your office

Ordering lunch for yourself is easy. Ordering lunch for your entire company? Not so much. Coming up with company lunch catering ideas that will please all of your coworkers’ taste buds can be stressful, but