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What Are The Best Company Perks for Millennials?

Millennials: They comprise more than one-third of the U.S. workforce (according to a 2015 Pew Research Center study) making them an even larger group of workers than members of Generation X. And it’s up to

Unusual Employee Perks that Make Companies Stand Out

In an increasingly competitive hiring environment, you need to impress recruits just as much as they need to prove themselves to you. If a bare bones employee perks and benefits package and industry-standard salary isn’t

How Do I Keep My Office Tenants Happy?

It’s one thing to get someone to sign a lease in your building but quite another to get them to renew that lease. First impressions may get companies to move in, but it’s how you

5 of the Best Ways to Retain Employees

It can take a lot of work to recruit and hire top talent, so the last thing you want to do is lose someone to another employer once he or she is on board. Not

5 Secrets of Companies With Good Office Culture

Are your employees fired up about their jobs or are they sharing those popular memes about dreading the start of the workweek every Monday? We’d all like to think our employees fall into the first

What Makes a Successful Employee Perks Program?

It’s no secret employees love perks. Whether it’s receiving gift cards to recognize especially hard work or having an off-site party to mark a project milestone, people like to feel appreciated by employers. In fact,

6 Ways to Please Picky Eaters When You Order Lunch Catering

The idea of ordering lunch for the team sounds easy on the surface, but anyone who’s handled the task knows it’s anything but easy. People have such varied palates! Maria doesn’t like tomatoes (unless they’re

10 Must-Have Commercial Building Amenities

When it comes to getting companies to sign on the dotted line and lease space in your commercial building, it all comes down to amenities. What can you offer that the building two blocks away

4 Cool Employee Perks That Attract Top Talent

If you’ve tried to hire new employees lately, you know it’s not always an easy process. You need to impress job candidates as much as they need to impress you. What does your benefits and

Customer Success Series: Mesirow Financial Gets Festive With Fooda

“It’s been a breath of fresh air to work with [Fooda]. I feel that we’re working with professionals in the industry, so there’s no hand-holding.” – Katie Seeman, Project Coordinator for the Office of the

Holiday Party Catering and 5 Other Steps to Planning A Great Event

We may be a little biased, but we think the best events start with food. There’s no time like the present to start planning this year’s holiday party (seriously, get started, the holidays are here).

5 Companies That Whip Your Office Into Shape

You can deny it if you want, but the time has come for office summer parties to draw to a close. Stay pampered and productive by getting food delivered right to your office’s front desk

What Are the Most Popular Corporate Perks for 2019?

What Makes Some Work Perks More Utilized Than Others?

What Happened to the Lunch Hour?

We often refer to the midday work break as the “lunch hour,” but our recent survey of 500 American workers shows not many people are taking advantage of that full hour anymore. So what has