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Lessons learned at IFMA’s 2018 Facility Fusion, and why we’re going back.

During IFMA’s 2018 Facility Fusion last week, we had the chance to connect with a number of facility managers on the expo floor. It was our first time attending an IFMA event at the national

16 Thoughts from Leaders on Company Culture

Company culture is the marriage of people, structure, and process. Building and maintaining a strong culture is arguably one of the most important jobs for executives, thought it tends to take the backseat compared to

5 Ideas For Better Employee Lunch Programs

Corporate dining is going through a seismic shift. It’s not exactly an earthquake — not yet, at least — but if you ask around at enough business conferences and executive boardrooms, it’s clear that the

5 Easy Desk Lunches That Beat The Sad Brown Bag

In the age of the foodie, the humble desk lunch has gotten something of a bad rap. While there’s nothing wrong with a brown bag lunch packed from home, it’s not exactly as thrilling to

How An Office Manager at A&E Networks Helped Increase Productivity & Corporate Culture with Food

A&E Networks is a US Media company that owns popular television channels like Lifetime, The History Channel, and, of course, A&E. The network is responsible for hit shows enjoyed by millions like Unreal, Knightfall, and

14 Healthy Snacks at Work to Keep at your Desk

Healthy snacks at work are a must have for most busy office workers. Sometimes your lunch doesn’t keep you satiated all day, or, worse yet, sometimes you just don’t have time for lunch (skipping lunch

5 Simple Changes You Can Make Today to Prevent Good Employees From Leaving

Good employees understand their value in the market. So when your business makes a mistake, your team’s best will likely be the first to flee. Many rules and policies are created with good intentions. But

5 Of The Best Office Lunches, Ever

Nothing brings a company together quite like a shared meal. While everyone has their own tastes and favored cuisines, the best office lunches allow employees to take a small step outside of their culinary comfort

Creating your business’s core values

Does your company have a set of core values? Creating a list of core values is usually a priority for young companies. Here’s why they matter: Job seekers are doing their homework on the identities

5 Simple & Inexpensive Ways Companies We Admire are Innovating Employee Engagement

Companies like PwC, Salesforce and Tesla share tactics to retain top talent. In the age of online employer reviews, it’s no secret how your company treats its employees. If you can delight people with exciting,

Hack Week’s Back, ALRIGHT!

Fooda is revolutionizing the way workers eat lunch at the office. So, needless to say, we like to break the mold. We think that when people are given a certain amount of freedom, they can

Changing Seasons, Changing Tastes

The seasons are changing. Labor Day weekend has long come and gone. And for most people, that 3-day weekend doesn’t just mean a day off work, it’s also considered to be the unofficial end to

Office Cafeteria Problems and How to Solve Them

The Legacy Cafeteria Problem As the costs of providing people with high-quality, on-site food options have risen over the last few decades. Companies have tried everything to keep those costs down, which has led to

Clarks Shoes Partnered with Fooda After Outgrowing Its Americas HQ

Clarks is a family-owned shoe company that’s been in business for nearly 200 years. It’s based in England, but its products are a mainstay on shoe racks in the United States, and have been since

Employee Engagement: What’s Trending Now

HR professionals from MIT and Harvard’s Broad Institute and Echo Global Logistics shared stories of successful initiatives that are improving employee engagement in the workplace. Some interesting highlights: Echo used to prevent social media use