5 Big Reasons Today's Top Companies Are Investing In Corporate Catering Services

No matter what the industry or the business, everybody has to eat. That’s one reason that the humble lunch break has become such an important part of the work day. It’s more than just brief pause for refueling the human body, it’s a much-needed opportunity for employees to socialize, clear their heads, and take a breather from the daily grind. The better the lunch break, the happier and more productive the employees tend to be.

It’s hardly surprising that some of the most successful and innovative companies in the world — including major players like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google — have been looking into how to maximize the many benefits of the lunch break. By partnering with corporate catering services, these companies are bringing a little culinary variety right to their employees. And it’s working!

Let’s take a look at five big reasons that corporate catering services are catching on.

1) Eating together makes teams stronger

Nothing brings a team together like sharing a great meal. It creates an opportunity to relax a little, forget about those looming deadlines for a moment, and connect with each other on a personal level. Eating together helps to build the kind of workplace camaraderie needed to turn a good team into a great one.

2) Going out for lunch can be stressful

There’s nothing fun about racing to the nearest fast food place, waiting in the lunch-rush drive-through line, and then rushing back to the office while scarfing down a value meal. Wouldn’t it be better if workers could have high-quality, genuinely tasty food brought to them instead?

3) It’s a seriously attractive perk for employees

When it comes to recruiting and retention, it’s hard to beat the value of regularly scheduled, delicious meals from outstanding local restaurants. It’s one less thing for a new hire to worry about, and a compelling motivation for current workers to stick around.

4) Employees spend less time at lunch, which means more time at work

When employees leave the workplace for lunch, productivity always suffers. They watch the clock, waiting until they can hop in their cars, hoping that they can make it back in time. Even if they do, it still takes another 15-20 minutes before they truly settle back in and get to work. By using corporate catering services, employers can dramatically reduce this lost time and productivity.

5) Fresh is always better than delivery

Lunch-rush food delivery is always a gamble. Maybe the order is coming directly from the restaurant, or maybe it’s been sitting in the back of a Prius for the last hour while other deliveries were made first. With on-site catering, the food is always hot and fresh, authentically prepared, and served by the same chefs and servers as the restaurant.

It’s easy to see why so many companies are increasingly working with corporate catering services. Employees get great food, an opportunity to socialize, and a chance to skip the stress of the daily lunch rush. Employers, meanwhile, gain a new method for boosting morale, increasing productivity, and sweetening the deal for recruiting and retention. It’s a smart, sensible — and delicious — investment for any business.