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Workday Lunch Rush is Slowing Down: What it Means for Offices and Restaurants

Going out to lunch for an hour used to be part of the American worker’s daily routine, but as this Wall Street Journal article shows, it’s become a tradition few can find time for anymore.

Types of Food Service Operations

Are your employees hungry for an on-site food option? They’re not alone. On-site corporate food options are becoming more popular as companies try new ways to increase employee engagement, retain, and attract talent. If you’re

Top 5 Workplace Trends To Watch in 2017

What actually gets your employees excited about coming into work every day? It’s no secret that creating an engaging, exciting, and rewarding workplace can make a huge improvement in employee satisfaction and productivity. For many

2016 in Food: Lunch Trends Across America

At Fooda, we love lunch, we love numbers, and we love tracking food trends. Through our 10 million meals sold, we’ve uncovered interesting trends about how Americans are lunching through the seasons and across the

Unlimited Vacation? Work from Thailand? Eight Weeks Paid Leave for New Moms? How These Employee Benefits and Perks Actually Work at Tech Company Motus

Any HR director knows that promoting employee health and happiness should be a priority. Motus, a tech company headquartered in Boston, is providing progressive employee benefits and perks that are typically unheard of in corporate America.

Motus Trades in Cubicles for Floor to Ceiling Windows, Stunning Views and Incomparable Flexibility

Looking to invest in your company’s culture and attract new talent? Jessica Chronchio, HR Director at tech company Motus, shares how they’re attracting and retaining top talent in one of the country’s most competitive job markets–Boston.

Millennial Retention: How HR Director Nurtures Employee Development Like a Company with 10x its Resources

When we sat down and talked with Jessica Chronchio, Human Resources Director of Motus, a Boston tech company specializing in vehicle management and reimbursement software, we were blown away by the unique ways this company has

Is Everyone Working from Home Now? Matt LeFevere, Real Estate Expert, Debunks the Myth

Working with Colliers International Office Advisory Group, Matt LeFevere specializes in tenant representation assignments for innovative companies. He’s had the opportunity to take a peek into what’s driving workplace flexibility nationwide, especially in tech.

Tearing Down Cubicle Walls – CBRE Brad Serot On the Future of Next Generation Workspaces and Which Companies Are Getting It Right


CBRE EVP, Brad Serot shares the key differences between Old School Corporate Offices and Next Generation Spaces in Chicago

Meet one of CBRE’s most prominent tenant representation brokers – Brad Serot. Having been involved in over 6 million square feet of transactions valued at more than $5 billion, Brad knows a thing or two

How An Office Building Saves $100K Annually By Radically Rethinking Their Cafeteria

In cutthroat commercial real estate markets like New York, San Francisco, Boston, and Chicago where office buildings are fighting tooth and nail for tenants, amenities can literally make or break you. This is no secret

The 5 Most Popular Cuisines For Corporate Buffet Catering

Most corporate buffet catering columns include simple messages like “the food is not the point of the meeting” or, “don’t order anything too expensive, too cheap, or too messy.” No offense to those advice columns, but

6 Essential Tips for Catering Office Lunches

The copier is out of toner. Again. Payroll’s due at the end of the day. You still need to send in that order for office supplies. Oh, and there’s an office lunch next week that

6 Unique Office Building Amenities

Demand for commercial office space (and what those demands entail) can change month to month. As a property manager, it’s your job to maintain or even grow revenues despite the dips in leasing activity, all

How Do I Attract Tenants to My Building?

Whether you have 100 percent occupancy in your office building or are actively looking to fill vacancies, recruiting great tenants is an ongoing process. If you wait until an existing tenant decides not to renew