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Are your employees hungry for an on-site food option? They’re not alone. On-site corporate food options are becoming more popular as companies try new ways to increase employee engagement, retain, and attract talent. If you’re in the market for an on-premises food solution, check out our list below. You’ll find the classic options, but also a few that maybe you haven’t gotten around to looking into.

Daily Restaurant Popups: Every day, a new food vendor brings their unique menu right to your employees with a Popup restaurant. Popups are the perfect solution for businesses without dedicated cafeterias, as they can be set up in any meeting room, lobby, or other large common area. Meals are served by the restaurant’s staff, so there are no overhead costs, and the meals can be paid for by either an employer subsidy or by the employees themselves. It’s an ideal solution for companies with a few hundred employees.

Food Truck Programs: If your city has a thriving food truck community, food truck programs can give you a lot of variety. But, scheduling can be a headache, and food trucks are a fun option for employees when it’s nice out, but often fall flat when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Employer-paid Catering: Pioneered by companies like Google and Facebook, employer-paid food programs are extremely popular among tech companies. Those companies need to offer valuable perks to ensure their talent (engineers, developers, strong salespeople) is happy at work, since they are in such high demand. As top talent becomes more difficult to recruit and retain, employer-paid programs are becoming more popular in other industries too.  Employer-paid food programs require an investment, but it’s one that can quickly pay off if you’re partnered with the right company. Fooda has analyzed the competition, learned from their shortcomings, and developed a program that top companies love.

Delivery: You can’t walk down the sidewalk of any city without seeing ads for this month’s hot food delivery startup. The problem? It’s a very individualized experience. The logistics of managing a lunch delivery program, is be a massive undertaking for the person in charge of choosing a new food service operation. Delivery is great for when you don’t want to get off your couch on a Sunday, but it’s a headache when you’re managing orders for a team.

Corporate Cafeterias: We all know what a cafeteria is, it’s a common type of food service operation, but this industry is evolving very quickly. See how the incorporation of local authentic restaurants into cafeteria spaces has become the ultimate game changer. Learn why this model is a Food Management Magazine Best Concept Award Winner.

These are the most popular types of corporate food service operations. We know, because we’ve been changing what food at work looks like since 2011. Check out Fooda’s Story to learn more.