The 2024 Workplace: Elevating Experiences with Local Food

Complete with the latest 2024 employee survey data and trends, this guide is designed to help you transform your workplace into one that resonates with the expectations and values of today’s modern workforce.

As organizations transition to hybrid work models, increasing onsite attendance has become a challenge. To help companies navigate this transition, we put together 5 strategies to enhance onsite days based on content in our recently published guide: Maximizing Workplace Attendance.

  1. Enforce a Hybrid Work Policy: According to a recent Fooda survey, 61% of companies have embraced hybrid work as a long-term reality. This policy allows employees to have a sense of independence by choosing the best days for onsite work while still enjoying the flexibility of remote work. Enforcing a hybrid work policy ensures more days in the office and is widely accepted among employees across the country. 
  2. Enhance the Onsite Experience with Workplace Amenities: Comfortable workspaces, well-equipped workout facilities, and modern kitchen/dining areas are among the key elements that can significantly elevate the workplace environment. By incorporating new amenities, your workforce will be more inclined to return onsite to take advantage of the exciting offerings.

  1. Introduce a Food Program for Onsite Employees: To further enhance onsite attendance, organizations can introduce a food program for their employees. By offering convenient and diverse food options, companies can save employees time and effort, making the commute to the office more appealing. Shared meals and communal dining spaces can also foster social interactions and collaboration among colleagues, promoting a sense of camaraderie. Creating an inviting environment that values and connects employees can be achieved by providing a community table where individuals can gather and enjoy meals together. Such initiatives not only satisfy employees’ hunger but also contribute to building a vibrant onsite culture. Learn more about the importance of food programs here.
  2. Evolve Food Program Overtime: To ensure the continued success of your food program, it is important to adapt and evolve them over time. As employees return to the office, it is crucial to scale the food programs to accommodate their changing needs and preferences. One effective strategy is to introduce subsidies as a way to pay for a portion or all of their employees’ meals. A recent Fooda study suggests that 80% of employees are more enthusiastic about returning onsite when their employer pays for their meal. Another effective approach is gathering employee feedback on the food program. By doing so, companies can continuously improve the food program, making it more tailored to employees’ desires and enhancing their overall experience.

  1. Flexible Workspaces: Adapting to different work styles and creating flexible workspaces is another effective strategy for increasing onsite attendance. Recognizing that different employees have unique work preferences and styles, organizations can provide a variety of workspace options. This includes open collaboration areas, quiet zones, standing desks, and private meeting rooms. By offering a range of work environments, employees can choose the space that best suits their needs, promoting productivity and making the workplace more enticing.

For more information on this content, including survey results from hundreds of workplace professionals on onsite policies and real-world examples of companies that have increased onsite attendance through strategies listed above, download our Guide to Maximizing Workplace Attendance