In the fiercely competitive world of dining and hospitality, every restaurant is always on the lookout for ways to increase impressions and create lasting connections with customers. The only issue is how? Fooda offers restaurants an easy solution. 

Fooda brings local restaurants directly into the workplace, giving restaurants exposure to thousands of customers they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Within one year of partnering with Fooda, individual restaurants see an average increase of 98,685 total impressions. This impressive figure showcases the powerful role of Fooda in enhancing brand awareness and customer engagement, which are key contributors to business success.

Breaking Down the Numbers

The largest share of these impressions comes from digital impressions, which total a whopping 70,450 annually. In the digital age, online visibility is paramount to a restaurant’s success. With a robust online presence, restaurants can attract a wider customer base, encourage more user interactions, and potentially convert these interactions into actual sales. Partnering with Fooda clearly amplifies a restaurant’s digital footprint, thus ensuring it gets noticed in the crowded digital landscape.

In terms of in-person consumer engagements, Fooda partnerships foster around 7,059 encounters annually. These direct interactions are essential for establishing strong relationships with customers, understanding their preferences, and personalizing their dining experiences. This face-to-face contact can lead to higher customer loyalty and more positive reviews, all of which can significantly contribute to a restaurant’s long-term success.

Lastly, Fooda boosts in-person passive engagements to an impressive 21,179 per year. These engagements might include passing foot traffic, people observing the restaurant, or individuals noticing the restaurant while partaking in other activities. These passive impressions can subtly build brand recognition and visibility over time, leading to an increase in potential customers who might consider dining at the restaurant in the future.

Given the significant role impressions play in influencing customer behavior and choices, these statistics are a testament to the remarkable benefits Fooda brings to the table. If increasing your exposure and finding a restaurant partnership is top of mind for you, schedule time with a Fooda Rep here