The 2024 Workplace: Elevating Experiences with Food

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In a remarkable display of community engagement and support, Quanta has been named the recipient of the 2023 Houston Community Impact Award. This award recognizes Quanta’s significant efforts in bolstering small and diverse businesses in Houston through their food at work program.

At the heart of Quanta’s impact is their commitment to inclusivity and corporate responsibility, which has resonated throughout the Houston community. This company has hosted 508 Fooda events, creating a platform for 55 local restaurants and caterers to showcase their food. By serving over 63,000 meals to their workforce, Quanta has offered more than 5,000 incremental labor hours to Houston restaurant employees, showing their unwavering support for the local economy.

Smiling Black woman chef holding a plate of food, the Houston Skyline, bearded white male chef plating meals, Latin male chef putting rotisserie chickens on a spit.

The majority of the visiting restaurants at Quanta’s events are locally owned, with 84% of them contributing to the vibrant local food scene, showing Quanta’s dedication to nurturing a community-centric business ecosystem. Quanta’s efforts extend to championing diversity and environmental sustainability. They have welcomed a diverse array of restaurants into their office, of which:

  • 44% are women-owned
  • 59% are minority-owned
  • 6% are veteran-owned
  • 4% are LGBT-owned
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From an environmental standpoint, Quanta’s onsite food program has yielded impressive results. Quanta has managed to save approximately $12,000 in gas, preserving 3,780 gallons of gas annually. This sustainable approach has a dual benefit – reducing environmental impact while injecting nearly $1 million into the local business community.

Quanta’s multifaceted impact on Houston is a testament to their unwavering dedication to community betterment. Their efforts in supporting local businesses, championing diversity, and promoting environmental sustainability set a remarkable example of corporate responsibility.

We applaud Quanta and its employees for their exceptional efforts, we are honored to recognize them as the 2023 Houston Community Impact Award recipient. Congratulations to Quanta on this well-deserved honor, and thank you for your significant contributions to our community.

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