Adriane Harris-Durham, head chef at Big Bacon’s, developed a love for cooking at an early age by watching her grandmother cook in the kitchen. Years later, she met her now-husband who also shares a love for cooking. They eventually decided to combine their recipes and sell plates throughout the Englewood neighborhood in Chicago. Through word of mouth, they quickly became a household name and in 2020, the couple relocated to Arizona and opened their restaurant, Big Bacon’s. The name Big Bacon’s was actually derived from a childhood nickname since Adriane loved eating Big Bacon classics. Her friends and family joked she looked like a Big Bacon and the name stuck.

Adriane specializes in serving flavors from Chicago. With a unique cooking style, food is made using high quality and fresh ingredients. “I have the best soul food in the valley,” she says, adding that Big Bacon’s is a homecooked meal that is good for the soul. With such good food and popularity in Arizona, Adriane and her husband plan to open a brick-and-mortar this fall.

Adriane loves partnering with Fooda because it is a great opportunity to network with different people as well as a great advertisement for her business. She says Fooda’s staff is so friendly and helpful and prices are lower than most major delivery platforms. 

Thank you Big Bacon’s, for this incredible Fooda partnership!