The 2024 Workplace: Elevating Experiences with Food

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As the good people of Denver know, elevated cuisine has finally made its mark on the Mile High City. After decades of culinary obscurity, our local food scene has finally become a destination. That’s great news for your average Denverite, as we get to be at ground zero for the uniquely creative competition that comes from having a community of great chefs sharing new ideas. The winners of this year’s Best of Fooda Denver awards share in this innovative spirit, crafting exciting and accessible menus for the city’s hungriest workers. Now that the votes have been tallied, let’s take a look at this year’s winners,

Popup Awards

Best Popup Entree of 2023 – Teri Chicken from Ohana Grille

Ohana Grille has been perfecting their style since 2015, remixing the world’s most iconic dishes through the culinary lens of Hawaiian street food. It’s the kind of place where you’ll find both ahi poke and bulgogi pork tacos vying for your attention, and where you can confidently order anything you see knowing that it has already earned the approval of Denver’s most discerning foodies. Where Ohana Grille’s approach truly shines is in their crowd-pleasing popup menu, much of which was developed during the eatery’s early stint in Denver’s food truck scene. Their “Teri Chicken” plate combines char-grilled, teriyaki-marinated boneless chicken thighs with one of their signature “Da Kine” sides. It’s exactly the “Hawaiian fusion” delicacy you’ve been waiting for.

Runner Up: Empanada Combo from Lazo Empanadas

Best Customer Service – Hot Chicks Kitchen

Even the friendliest of people can become a bit skeptical and hesitant when presented with unfamiliar dishes. This is particularly true for cuisines with a reputation for being heavy on the chilis. If you’re a caterer that specializes in serving spice-forward Thai favorites, such as the “salty, garlicky, and crunchy” combo of hat yai fried chicken wings with spicy tamarind sauce, it’s handy to have a knack for great customer service. By all accounts, the team at Hot Chicks Kitchen are masters at guiding their catering customers around any tasty trepidations, making it that much easier to deliver a memorably delicious experience.

Runner Up: Ohana Grille

Most Likely To Visit Outside Of Work – Lazo Empanadas

It’s not hard to understand why Lazo Empanadas won this category. With a half-dozen Denver area locations, they’re easily one of most convenient options for grabbing a bite after work. Featuring a tantalizingly varied selection of savory pastries, from spicy ground beef to chicken caprese, they offer something for almost every craving. Want a quick snack? Pick up a couple of your favorite empanadas. Want a real meal? Get three and add in a few sides. It’s almost hard to imagine a casual dining situation where Lazo Empanadas isn’t at least in the discussion. These unforgettably delectable fried treats are also a favorite for Fooda’s customers, resulting in a second-place finish for year’s Best Delivery Entree. 

Runner Up: Gyros King

Best Overall Popup – Hot Chicks Kitchen

Borrowing from traditions that span generations, Hot Chicks Kitchen specializes in serving authentic Thai street-food recipes thoughtfully adapted for the popup dining crowd. They’re also one of the Denver area’s best-kept secrets. As a catering company, their focus is serving home-style dishes to small groups at live events and workplace gatherings. Office managers and event planners love them, as do their employees, but Hot Chicks Kitchen simply isn’t on the radar of most local foodies and influencers. If you want to sample their khao soi or popcorn chicken pad thai, your best bet is to be a Fooda customer.

Runner Up: Ohana Grille