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Great Food is a Strong Incentive for Return to Office:

Is on-site food the secret weapon for encouraging teams to return to the office? A recent article says that Fooda’s delicious and varied offerings might just be the return-to-the-office incentive that law firms across

The HR Perspective on Employee Engagement

How are today’s most innovative companies responding to the rapidly changing realities of attracting, developing, and retaining talent? After the global business disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are rethinking the role that Human

Adapting to Changing Workplace Trends:

Discover how Fooda, a late-stage startup that provides modern food programs for workplaces, not only survived but thrived during the pandemic. In an inspiring article published by the Speciality Food Association (SFA), Fooda’s President Alex

Substantial Growth Lands Fooda On A16Z’s Marketplace 100 

To truly understand the real-world influence of today’s fastest-growing consumer-facing marketplace startups and private companies, it helps to have a little context. Is that headline-grabbing venture capital darling of three years ago still gaining user

 How Office Food Delivery Programs Are Changing the Game for Property Managers

Office parks and other commercial real estate firms have long understood the competitive advantages of mutually beneficial partnerships with other businesses. These tend to be simple arrangements – offering a discount rate to a local

WGN’s John Williams Examines Food At Work Benefits

Chicago’s downtown office buildings have had a difficult time encouraging workers to return to the office, but WGN Radio 720’s John Williams has a wild idea for boosting company morale. What if the buildings offered