Restaurant Entrepreneurship

Ten Years of Partnership: Lettuce Entertain You and Fooda

Lettuce Entertain You, a national culinary name, grew from a single Chicago-based restaurant in 1971 to over 120 establishments across the US. Their secret recipe? Not just exceptional food and service, but strategic restaurant partnerships,

A Recipe for Success: How Fooda Fueled BIBIBOP’s Rapid Expansion

BIBIBOP Asian Grill, a rapidly expanding fast-casual restaurant chain based in Columbus, has made waves with its sensational Korean fusion cuisine. Within a span of six years, BIBIBOP has grown from 12 to an astounding

Five simple ways restaurants can increase revenue with Fooda Popups

Fooda has been connecting hungry office workers with authentic local restaurants for years. In that time, we’ve noticed a few techniques that creative restaurant owners use to increase sales at their Popup, and encourage customers

4 Reasons for Restaurants to Mix Up the Menu

Before joining Fooda as Restaurant Sales Manager, Katrina Michael climbed the ranks of the food-service hierarchy from hostess, to bartender, to manager of Chicago’s popular Mercadito restaurants, and was eventually promoted to Director of Operations

A Brief Look at 2017

2017 was a year of expansion, growth, and innovation for Fooda and its Restaurant Partners. Fooda is successful because of you. You make the incredible food and provide the top-notch customer service that keeps customers

How an expanding taco chain uses Fooda Popup to fuel growth

Al Vasquez is a co-owner of Taco Madre, a gourmet taco chain with locations throughout Chicagoland. Vazquez has helped grow the concept to seven brick and mortar locations—with more to come. He also manages Taco