The 2024 Workplace: Elevating Experiences with Local Food

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2017 was a year of expansion, growth, and innovation for Fooda and its Restaurant Partners.

Fooda is successful because of you. You make the incredible food and provide the top-notch customer service that keeps customers coming back. Because of our partnership, we wanted to share some successes from 2017 that you helped make possible.

Fooda expanded to 6 new markets last year. We partnered with fantastic new restaurants across the country in Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Phoenix, San Jose, and Washington D.C. Continuing to expand is a goal of ours for 2018, too, with Austin and Milwaukee coming very soon. If there’s a restaurant you think would make a perfect Fooda partner, let us know.

Fooda Restaurant Partners sold nearly 10,000,000 meals 2017. It’s the most meals ever sold in one year in our company’s history. Ten million is a number worth celebrating, but it’s also a number we can’t wait to beat in 2018. We’re constantly working to roll out new ways to increase the number of lunches you sell.

In a time when 32% of diners believe restaurateurs are lagging in their technology use, Fooda Restaurant Partners should find comfort in knowing they’re on the forefront. This year, we released our Point of Sale app, which will bring you features like more accurate prep numbers, targeted marketing opportunities, and Fooda Rewards – all projects with the same goal, to help you sell the most meals we can.

Exciting things happen when we pair our innovations with your expertise. Last year, you helped us become one of the fastest-growing companies in Chicago. We were also honored at the Chicago Innovation Awards for our Food Hall concept. But we weren’t the only ones winning awards. We held Best of Fooda contests in 3 markets last year to find the best lunch in Atlanta, Boston, and Nashville, click those links to see who won!

It’s fun to look back, especially when you had a year as great as 2017. But not for long, because 2018 is here, and we have more lunches to sell.