Fooda Rolls into Detroit | Fooda

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Based on Q4 2021 survey responses from hundreds of professionals across the country, we uncovered data on aspects of employee engagement, the workplace experience, and food.

Fooda is now in Detroit and its suburbs!

It’s 11:30am, you’re sitting at your desk dreaming of samosas, or the perfect pulled pork sandwich. But you’re in a tough spot, because Bombay Wraps and Detroit BBQ Company aren’t anywhere near your office. Looks like it’s another trip to the vending machine.

Not anymore – because Fooda has arrived in Detroit and its suburbs!

Gone are the days of braving the winter cold and walking to find a decent lunch, or driving 10 minutes and sitting in a drive-through line, wasting your precious lunch hour. Local restaurants like like Bombay Wraps, Detroit BBQ Company, and more will start popping up in your office.

Are you lucky enough to have Fooda where you work? Find out what’s for lunch here. If you don’t have Fooda yet, but you’re interested, let us know if you think your workplace is a fit.

See you at lunch, Detroit!