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When it comes to serving the Atlanta community, Patrick Verzone and Toby Sellers take a two-fold approach. Not only do these longtime friends grill up the most delicious barbeque in the city, they regularly donate a portion of their sales to a local charity or organization through their “’Que for a Cause” events. We sat down with Patrick to get the scoop on how Righteous ‘Que is shaking up the Atlanta lunch scene and what’s next for this East Cobb eatery.

What’s the story behind Righteous ‘Que? When did you first open?

I previously worked at other barbeque places, and I would always barbeque stuff in my yard after work and on weekends. Toby and I have friends in the ministry, and we know a lot of missionaries overseas and people who are adopting kids, so we started ‘Que for a Cause at my house. We’d pick a cause once a month and donate to a charity in need. People started showing up, we got catering going, and then we started the retail space. We continue to do ‘Que for a Cause and considerate it the main purpose of what we do at Righteous ‘Que. The last weekend in July was our fourth anniversary.

What is your most popular dish?

All of our meats are popular, which include pork, brisket, chicken, and ribs. Our number one side is our homemade, baked mac and cheese. Our oatmeal cream pie won best dessert at the Taste of Atlanta a few years back.

What inspires the menu creations at Righteous ‘Que?

We stick to a small menu to focus on the quality of our main barbeque meats and homemade sides.

What’s your number one barbeque tip?

A lot of people cook chicken directly on the grill, but this causes the meat to dry out. My number one tip is to barbeque chicken in a pan so it can sit in its own juices and maintain all of that moisture and flavor.

Why do you think consumers voted you best BBQ in Atlanta?

We always show up with a quality product. It’s consistent, and customers know what they’re going to get every time.  

What are some food trends you’re seeing in Atlanta, if any?

There are a lot of barbeque places opening up. A lot of restaurants are making blue-collar dishes but kicking them up a notch. Another big trend is using local food from local farms.

Do you have any exciting new menu items or specials coming up?

One of our signature dishes right now is the Soul Saver Sandwich, which is pork, brisket, and chicken topped with bacon. We’re launching a beef and cheese sandwich in mid-September that will feature brisket topped with mac and cheese and bacon on Texas toast.

Atlanta foodies have voted Righteous ‘Que the Best BBQ Lunch in Atlanta. The next time you’re craving tender smoked brisket and a glass of ice-cold sweet tea, look no further than this Fooda favorite.