Fooda is now Phoenician | Fooda

Fooda launched in Phoenix!

Get excited, because local restaurants like It’s All Greek To Me, Hog Wild Pit BBQ, and Happy Bowls are starting to popup in spaces near you. This is great news, because 80% of employees consider Fooda one of their favorite workplace perks.

Fooda and Phoenix are perfect for each other. Here are two reasons why:

  1. It gets hot here! Since incredible restaurants will start popping up right where you work, you won’t have to sit in a smoldering car on your way to pick up lunch.
  2. Phoenix is an expansive city. Maybe you don’t work near a sushi place, or you don’t have the time over your lunch hour to get to your favorite mediterranean grill. Now they’re crossing town to come to you.

Are you lucky enough to have Fooda where you work? Find out what’s for lunch here. If you don’t have Fooda yet, but you’re interested, let us know if you think your workplace is a fit.

We’re counting down the minutes until lunch time – see you then!