New Markets

Top 5 Reasons Why Fooda Chose Dallas


This month, Fooda is bringing a new city into our ever-growing network: Dallas, Texas. Why Dallas? Simple. Great local food, and millions of hungry workers. Business is booming in Dallas, and we like to be where the action is.

Here are the top five reasons we decided to stake our claim in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area, and make our first venture into the Lonestar State.


Great Companies Hiring Hungry Workers

With a hot startup scene, multiple Fortune 1000 headquarters, and no shortage of major companies based in the city, Dallas was an obvious expansion for Fooda. As a growing market for Millennial workers — over 50% of which define themselves as “foodies” — Dallas also provides an ideal location for Fooda’s services. In a highly competitive market for attracting new talent, we believe that perks like on-site food from local restaurants can be a truly effective recruiting tool.


Awesome Local Food Scene

It’s no secret that the Dallas food scene is exploding. Phenomenal restaurants, eateries, and food trucks are popping up all the time. But during the weekday, not everyone can leave work and taste what’s out there. That’s where Fooda comes in.

Workers can now look forward to the best local eateries coming directly to them every day, popping up, and serving right on site. What’s good for office workers is also good for local restaurants, caterers, and food trucks hoping to sell more meals during the workday.


Lunch Rush Solutions

Texans love a great meal. But traffic? Not so much. During the lunch rush, this can be a serious problem. “Do Texans love getting food brought to them at work?” Turns out the answer is a resounding “Yes,” and we’re not alone in thinking that.

“Fooda makes a lot of sense, especially in a metro area like DFW, where everyone has to drive around a lot to find good food,” says Dave Haakinson, owner of Dickey’s Barbecue Pit in Irving. “Now we’re coming straight to densely populated buildings at lunch.”


“People in Dallas Get It”

“Metro Dallas is on fire right now. When we looked at the numbers – like population growth and the number of corporations relocating to the region – it’s the perfect next city for Fooda,” comments our CEO, Orazio Buzza. “Less than a month in, it’s already abundantly clear we’ve made the right move. People in Dallas get it.”


Dallas Is Awesome

Don’t tell NYC or San Francisco, but Dallas is quickly becoming one of the most innovative, exciting, talent-filled cities in the country. Fooda is a high-growth company, and you can hardly blame us for wanting to be a part of the dallas renaissance. In addition to supporting local restaurants, we hope our expansion into the Dallas market will also contribute to the city in other ways, from providing a platform for up-and-coming chefs to reducing the amount of cars on the road during the daily lunch rush.

Were these the only reason we decided on Dallas? Of course not. Dallas is one of the most vibrant and exhilarating cities in the country, both for businesses and for foodies. We couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.