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Fooda Replaces Cafeterias with a Next Generation Solution that Saves Money and Never Gets Boring


Many workplaces lose tremendous amounts of money on their cafeterias. With people caring more about what they eat than ever before, employees are no longer satisfied with traditional cafeteria food. 50% of millennials self identify as "foodies" and thanks to review sites like Yelp!, everyone has become a food critic. Fooda is partnering with companies and buildings to replace legacy cafeterias with a diverse mix of highly rated guest restaurants that serve employees every day onsite.

“ The difference between a traditional cafeteria and having the hottest local restaurants brought to you is night and day. With Fooda's solution, we're offering a much more attractive amenity while saving money. ”

— Multi-Tenant Building Property Manager

Legacy Cafeterias or Fooda?

Legacy Cafeteria Fooda
Open All Day (Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks) check check
Made-to-order Grill Program check check
Self-service Salad Bar check check
Full-service Deli Program check check
Grab-and-go Snacks and Meals check check
Multi-station Hot Food Offerings check check
Full-service Espresso Program check check
Hot and Cold Beverages check check
24/7 Micro-market and Vending check
Daily Lineup of Rotating Local Restaurants check
20x the Variety of a Traditional Program check
Access to Over 100 Restaurants and Caterers check
Same-day Food Delivery Program check

Restaurant Mix

Fooda partners with the best local and national restaurants to bring consumers a highly diverse mix of cuisines that run the gamut of latin american street food, southern barbeque, healthy, vegetarian, authentic thai, award winning burgers, thin crust pizza and a lot more. Each menu is curated and taste tested and all of our restaurants have a positive Yelp! Rating.

A sampling of some of the hundreds of restaurants partnered with Fooda:

Marketing & Technology

  • Each location has a dedicated webpage with that location's daily menus
  • Mobile iOS and Android apps
  • Opt-in daily menu emails
  • Seasonal themed events and promotions
  • Restaurant partner team that is always adding new restaurants
  • Regular employee surveys and feedback

marketing & technology

Eating in the Cafeteria

What People Love Most About This Program

  • Variety. With a constant stream of visiting restaurants, food never gets boring.
  • Prices are affordable. Consumers never pay more than restaurant retail prices.
  • Menu items are made to order, so you always get exactly what you want.
  • Fooda offers a combination of on-site cooking as well as freshly made options that are prepared at our restaurants and brought on site.

Healthy & Fresh

Fooda is committed to offering a robust selection of healthy dining options including Lyfe Kitchen, Freshii, Roti, Protien Bar, and many more.

  • Lyfe Kitchen
  • Protien Bar
  • Roti
  • Freshii


Fooda's dedicated catering managers assist in all event planning needs. A seamless ordering system is available via website, phone, and email.

You will also benefit from:

  • Catering access to over 100 restaurants and caterers.
  • Full service event staffing.
  • Centralized billing and reporting.

Additional Benefits

  • Reduced real estate needs.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Limited buildout costs.
  • On-trend restaurants and menus that continually evolve.
  • Limited future investments in cooking / refrigeration equipment and maintenance.

Is A Cafeteria Replacement With Fooda Right For You?

  • You highly value your workforce and believe employee amenities are mission critical.
  • You operate an existing multi-station cafeteria.
  • You find that participation is dropping and pricing is going up.
  • Your cafeteria operation is losing money or you have to subsidize your food program.

Replace Your Cafeteria

Let's talk about how you can bring your cafeteria into the 21st century.