The 2024 Workplace: Elevating Experiences with Local Food

Complete with the latest 2024 employee survey data and trends, this guide is designed to help you transform your workplace into one that resonates with the expectations and values of today’s modern workforce.

Al Vasquez is a co-owner of Taco Madre, a gourmet taco chain with locations throughout Chicagoland. Vazquez has helped grow the concept to seven brick and mortar locations—with more to come. He also manages Taco Madre’s partnership with Fooda, which has been great from the start.

Taco Madre - Fooda Popup

Vasquez has had success with the Fooda program. And he’s sharing his tips so you can too:

Plug your brick and mortar location – Fooda Popups are a great place to raise awareness for your restaurant. Tell them where they can find you when you’re not coming to them.

“You have to go out and get people’s attention. And how do you do that? With neighborhood events, taco festivals, all of these different things. Fooda also allows us to go out and meet people who typically wouldn’t walk into our restaurant,” said Vazquez.

*Tip from Fooda: many Fooda popup partners incentivize customers through bounce back offers. e.g. come back to visit our restaurant and receive 20% off your ticket

Business cards – Give your customers something to take with them, other than a delicious lunch.

“We leave business cards with people that say We Cater. I had a customer reach out about catering an event after she had our food at a Popup. I just got an email from the same woman asking if she could pass our information to three friends. One Popup turned into an event plus three possible new catering events for me,” Vasquez said.

Great food – If you’re a Fooda Restaurant Partner, you probably already have this one covered.

“I had a Popup customer come in to one of my brick and mortar locations who said it took her 45 minutes to get there. I started to apologize, but she said she ate some of our food at work and had been thinking about it ever since. She told her husband and they decided to make the drive,” Vasquez said.

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