Corporate Cafeterias

Revolutionizing Hospital Food Service through Community Partnerships

As healthcare providers, hospitals are foundational to both the physical and economic health of the communities they serve. Recent trends show that innovative partnerships with local businesses, particularly in the food service sector, are creating

New Age of Healthcare Dining: Hospital Food Providers Integrate Local Restaurants for a Diverse Menu Offering

Hospital food service plays a crucial role in enhancing the dining experience for staff and visitors, significantly impacting overall well-being within healthcare settings. This article dives into the transformative trends in healthcare dining services, particularly

5 Ways to Creatively Feed Employees While The Cafeteria is Still Closed

As we enter into the third year of the global COVID-19 health crisis, more and more people are returning to working in-person after months/years of working from home.  HR and Facilities teams across the country

What Most Food Service Companies Get Wrong

In 2014, 20% of employers offered free food to their employees. In 2018, that number had rocketed to 32%. So there’s a good chance you’ve run a search for “food service companies near me.” Many

3 Reasons Why Office Cafeteria Participation is Dwindling  

How often do you eat in your company’s cafeteria? If you’re like most professionals, it’s probably uncommon. Office cafeteria participation has dwindled for the last 20 years. Here are some reasons why: Lack of Variety

How Corporate Cafeteria Management Companies Work

Corporate cafeterias are a hot topic in today’s business world. But do you really know how they work? If you’re considering a corporate cafeteria management company for your in-house food service, there are a few

3 Corporate Cafeteria Trends Disrupting the Old-School Model

What are the latest corporate cafeteria trends? It’s no longer about adding to your collection of hot sauces or putting cilantro in the salad dressing. No. It’s more than that. The old-school company cafeteria is

Hyatt’s Fooda Food Hall named to Food Management’s 2018 Best Concepts List

During the spring of 2017, Hyatt Hotels Corporation moved its corporate headquarters to the newly constructed North Riverside Plaza in Chicago. Its associates were used to having a traditional cafeteria at the office, but management

5 Reasons Smart Companies Are Rethinking Their Corporate Lunch Menus

Ever get the feeling that your company’s cafeteria program just isn’t working? Those old, predictable corporate lunch menus just aren’t appetizing to today’s workforce, and it’s driving down participation. Instead of adapting and investing in

How to Select a Food Service Provider – 9 Questions to Ask

Wondering how to select a food service provider? Choosing a corporate cafeteria management company is an important, and strategic decision for your business. And the outcome is likely one you’ll deal with for years to

5 Required Sections in Your Next Corporate Cafeteria RFP

Creating corporate cafeteria RFPs when you’re looking for a new cafeteria provider can be a headache. Especially since RFPs are not something you’re working with every day. At Fooda, we do see cafeteria RFPs every

Why The Corporate Cafeteria Subsidy Is Eating Your Company’s Lunch — And What You Can Do About It

Corporate cafeteria subsidies are on the rise. If you’re here, you probably already know that. So, what can you do about it? We spoke with Steve O’Brien, a VP of Enterprise Sales at Fooda and

5 Ways to Improve Corporate Dining Programs

It’s time to bring disruptive ideas and models into corporate dining programs. Disruption will require rethinking the entire system around modern concepts and technology. But the changes don’t have to be huge, and they don’t