The 2024 Workplace: Elevating Experiences with Local Food

Complete with the latest 2024 employee survey data and trends, this guide is designed to help you transform your workplace into one that resonates with the expectations and values of today’s modern workforce.

Creating corporate cafeteria RFPs when you’re looking for a new cafeteria provider can be a headache. Especially since RFPs are not something you’re working with every day. At Fooda, we do see cafeteria RFPs every day. So, let us help you out. Below is a list of 5 required sections to include in your next corporate cafeteria RFP.

Not interested in creating your own? We don’t blame you. We also created an corporate cafeteria RFP template. Just fill out the form at the bottom of the page for instant access. You’ll see that most of the work is already done for you.

Required sections in your next corporate cafeteria RFP:

1) Executive Summary: This section should include the major details of the RFP. Potential vendors will determine if your businesses are a good fit for partnership based on this part of the document. Save the analysis, charts, and numbers for later.

2) Proposal Requirements: You need to net them know what exactly you’re looking for in a corporate cafeteria vendor. It’s time to get specific. Share information about the contract term, an overview of the stations you’re looking for, their proposed org chart for the cafe, the deal structure, etc.

3) Summary of Responsibilities: This might be the most important section of your corporate cafeteria RFP because potential vendors need to know exactly what they’ll be responsible for providing at your location.

4) Timetable: Ensure they’re clear on next steps, and when they should be delivered. Let them know when you expect site walk throughs, submissions, clarification periods, etc. to happen.

5) Implementation & Operations Requirements: Ask the potential vendor to provide the depth of service offered, any recent innovations that enhance sales, marketing plans, and additional services they may offer.

There’s a lot to think about when you’re creating a corporate cafeteria RFP. The recommendations above are just the tip of the iceberg. Do you want us to take the work of creating your next RFP off your hands? Fill out the form below to access our template.

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