What did Chicago get delivered for lunch in August? Here are the top 10 items ordered through Fooda Delivery:
1. Pepperoni Pizza Slice from Jet’s Pizza
2. The B.P.E (Best Plate Ever) from Roti Mediterranean Grill
3. Mediterranean Chopped Chicken Salad from Roti Mediterranean Grill
4. Buffalo Chicken Burrito from Burrito Beach
5. BBQ Pork Bao from Wow Bao
6. Kale and Brussel Sprouts Salad w/ Grilled Chicken from Plum Market
7. Mighty Basil Cold-Pressed Juice (spinach, orange, pear, kiwi, basil, apple, and ginger) from Plum Market
8. Turkey, Kale and Brussel Sprouts Wrap from Plum Market
9. California Chicken Wrap from Fooda Classics (Roots + West Town Bakery)
10. Southwest Chicken Salad from Fooda Classics (Roots + West Town Bakery)
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