More Local Than Local

Restaurant Partners

Owning a restaurant is always a challenge! With limited marketing dollars, and constant competition, wouldn’t it be helpful if there were a better way to introduce your food to a new audience and attract repeat customers? Expand your customer base through the best marketing you have – your food!

Fooda works with a growing network of restaurants to bring great food to companies and residential communities all over the city. We don’t make the food; we leave the cooking to you!

How It Works:

  1. Fooda’s sales team finds companies and residential locations with food service needs
  2. Fooda markets your restaurant to a captive audience via email, web, mobile, social media and on-site signage
  3. You prepare great food at your restaurant, transport it to the location, and serve the hungry customers

Benefits for Your Restaurant:

  1. Your restaurant benefits from Fooda’s upfront event marketing which includes email, web, mobile, social media and on-site signage
  2. Your restaurant benefits from significantly increased word of mouth advertising and exposure well beyond the meals purchased by customers at the event
  3. Fooda offers a unique marketing and promotional opportunity that features your product in front of audiences that otherwise would not sample your food