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Case Study

How a Barbeque Restaurant Increased Business by 33%

Todd Beaird was miserable working in the insurance industry for almost 20 years. Then he bought Blue Moon Barbeque in Lebanon Tennessee from his brother-inlaw. Beaird replaced days full of policies and deductibles with briskets, chickens, and mac & cheese. Since then, he loves waking up early every morning to fire up the smokers, and continue growing his successful restaurant. Just a few years after taking over, the pit master began thinking about expanding the BBQ concept to a second location.

But opening restaurants involves many expenses: overhead, leases, build outs, supplies, staffing. Not to mention a lot of risk, something he was familiar with coming from the insurance industry.

Then Beaird learned about a way to increase revenue without the big investment. The program is called Fooda, and as he explains it, “imagine having a food truck without having a food truck. You’re going into a large company or office building, you’re setting up, and you’re serving people during a high-volume lunch hour.”

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