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Case Study

How Redfin Chicago Eliminated Headaches and Saved +25% on Catered Lunches

From the very start, Redfin has been ahead of the curve when it comes to leveraging technology to make their business better. For example, the Seattle-based real-estate brokerage was the first to offer map-based online searches. If there’s an innovative way to increase efficiency, build customer satisfaction, or even boost office morale, chances are that Redfin has given it a look.

On-site food is a major perk for Redfin’s workers, with catered meals provided twice each week at the firm’s Chicago office. The office had previously struggled to find a reliable catering partner. Redfin staff was spending up to eight hours each week planning meals, setting up catering stations, managing servers, and handling the breakdown and cleanup process. No matter what catering service they tried, it always seemed to require a lot of oversight.